10 Best Loading Ramps for Trailer & Truck at a Glance (Reviews)

What is a loading ramp?

Loading ramps are a versatile piece of equipment compared to an inclined surface with variable width and length, which enables you to lift any vehicle and load it onto a higher surface and vice versa. With an increase in the demand for loading, ramps are now available at almost every towing supplies shop. Most of them are sold as a kit, but you can find an already assembled one too. There are various loading ramps in the market used for different vehicles based on their weight and structure. It can be difficult to select a ramp With so many options available in the market. To ease this, simply consider your vehicle’s specification, most importantly, weight, so you buy the most suitable one.

Types of Loading Ramps

  • Wheel Riser: Work great for heavy vehicles like lorries and buses
  • Yard ramps: They are used for forklifts of heavy vehicles.
  • Levers: Levers are used as commercial equipment for loading automobiles.
  • Equipment ramps: These ramps are made with premium quality Aluminum which makes them the best quality ones in the ramp market.
  • Car ramps: These loading ramps have a high loading capacity to support the non-uniform weight distribution of cars without collapsing.

List of 10 Best Loading Ramps






Lund 602004 Bi-Fold 69" Loading Ramp


Pit Posse Aluminum Ramp for Loading


TOOCA Aluminum Loading Ramps


Titan Briefcase Fold Utility Loading Ramp


VIVOHOME Aluminum Loading Ramps


Reese Explore Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp


gardhom Loading Ramps For dirt bikes


Motorhot HD 4-Beam Loading Ramps


TUFFIOM Aluminum Loading Ramps


Ultra-Tow Non-Folding Loading Ramp

1. Lund 602004 Bi-Fold 69″ Loading Ramp

It is a great choice among loading ramps for cars, these ramps support weight up to 1500lbs, and with a length of 69″ loading becomes quite efficient and convenient. This USA-made equipment is built from sturdy aluminum, which makes it corrosion resistant; hence this one goes a long way. The nylon safety straps hold the ramp in the place, making the loading/unloading safe.

  • LightweightnHigh weight capacitynWeather-resistantnSafety straps ensure a secured operationnUSA-made
  • Not for heavy loadingnDifficult to use and assemble

2. Pit Posse Aluminum Ramp for Loading

With a compact design and sturdy build, these ramps work great as single loading ramps, hence it is the best choice for loading ramps for motorcycles and dirt bikes. With loading support of 750 lbs, it provides a durable surface for transporting all sorts of 2 wheelers; the aluminum exterior makes it weather resistance, which keeps it last longer and keeps up its excellent performance.

  • DurablenCorrosion-resistantnDoes not require assembling
  • Poor welding jobnWeak and thin from places

3. TOOCA Aluminum Loading Ramps

With a robust build, these ramps provide the ease of loading and unloading of heavy vehicles. The weight capacity of 1500lbs makes them quite suitable as loading ramps for trucks. The folding design makes it great for storing in small places as it goes down to half of its size after folding. The perforated surface provides better traction and makes the maneuver smooth.

  • Easy transportationnHigh weight capacitynFolding designnSoft tips and rubber capos ensure safety
  • Sharp edges, might hurt your handnHeavy in weight

4. Titan Briefcase Fold Utility Loading Ramp

Are you struggling to load your scooter? These ramps will help and make the loading process much more comfortable and efficient. The 2.5″ angled lip allows convenient operation. The durable structure and safe design make these ramps a great choice of wheelchairs and small vehicles.

  • Sturdy buildnFoldable briefcase designnProvides easy roll on the ramp
  • Handles breaking complaintsnToo short

5. VIVOHOME Aluminum Loading Ramps

If you are looking for loading ramps for ATV, this one might be the one for you. The aluminum body does not only provide a sturdy build also prevents the ramp from rusting so you can use them in any weather you want. The s rubber caps provide grip for working on smooth or wet surfaces. The foldable design of these ramps makes storage and handling very convenient as it goes down to half of its size after folding.

  • 1500lbs high weight capacitynFolding designnPerforated surfaces nSafe design nSafety straps and included
  • Have sharp edges

6. Reese Explore Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

These ramps are made from galvanized steel which makes them quite durable. The weight capacity of 800lbs and measurements of 11″ by 80″ ensures smooth operation and secure handling of the vehicle. These ramps have surfaced with punched-in holes that deliver a good grip while loading the automobile.

  • Easy handlingnRobust and strong steel buildnSafety straps are includingnGood craftsmanship
  • Safety straps missing complaints

7. gardhom Loading Ramps For dirt bikes

It works great if you are looking for loading ramps for pickup truck. The light and durable material of these ramps support weight up to 1500lbs, which works great for heavy vehicles. The rubber tips and caps do not only ensure grip and safety but also provide comfortable maneuver. The folding feature makes storage and handling easy.

  • Light and durablenSafe designnHigh loading capacitynFoldablenEasy storage
  • Thin bodynTerrible shipping

8. Motorhot HD 4-Beam Loading Ramps

These ramps are made of high-quality aluminum, which makes them the right choice as loading ramps for trailers. The arched design allows maximum traction to help protect high-centering and makes the loading smooth. The high loading capacity of 1500lbs, the ramp only weighs 37lbs itself, which makes it quite easy to lift. The bi-folding design provides easy storage and handling.

  • Great quality nCurve shaped practical designnSafety straps included
  • Not reliable

9. TUFFIOM Aluminum Loading Ramps

These are a heavy-duty pair of ramps, which are a perfect choice as loading ramps for ATV. This piece of ramp is lightweight and easy to use. The rubber caps and soft tips make sure that the ramp does not slip during loading and unloading. These versatile ramps work not only for ATVs but also for trucks, trailers, and other heavy automobiles.

  • Heavy duty nSturdynLightweightnSafe designnReliable shipping
  • The end lips are very thick

10. Ultra-Tow Non-Folding Loading Ramp

This ramp can lift around to 2500lbs, which makes it great for tractors and other heavy automobiles. The durable aluminum toe-plates and the arched body makes the loading and unloading quite efficient and even. However, these ramps do not fold so they won’t be suitable for small storage spaces, but you can always use vertical space in your garage.

  • High weight capacity (2500lbs)nArched design nSturdy bodynDurable
  • Not FoldingnNot for Heavy use

Let’s Discuss the things you need to look while Buying a Loading Ramp

1. Loading Capacity

There are various loading ramps in the market used for different vehicles based on their weight and structure. Weight is the most important thing when you are going to buy a ramp, you have to aware of the load. Always try to purchase a ramp with some extra loading capacity rather than your actual loading capacity.

2. Material

The material of the ramp is essential. If you buy a wooden one, it would be hard to lift and work within the given density of wood; it might not be able to go far long as wood weakens over time. Aluminum and steel ramps are trending these days mostly because of their robust performance and resolved weight issue; however, aluminum still has the upper hand for its corrosion-free build.

3. Length

The length of loading ramps depends on the ground clearance of your vehicle, so again, do not forget to thoroughly analyze your vehicle before stepping in a towing supply store to get yourself a good pair of loading ramps.

4. Storage

Storage is usually the biggest problem when it comes to bulky equipment. As for loading ramps, this problem can be solved by purchasing a foldable ramp. They can be bi-fold or tri-fold which can ease your storage problems. These ramps fit easily in small garages and can be a travel partner as it would fit just fine in a truck/trailer.

That’s All We Concluded

The list provides 10 great quality loading ramps that will work great for you buy when it comes to automobile equipment. Each purchase requires a foremath. Your purchase should be all about “what do you need” and “what’s your vehicle’s requirement” so you have to make it sure and also look up some alternatives to keep your options open.