4 Website Where You Can Get Boom Lift Rental In USA

Boom Lift Rental In USA

Do you have a new project of your industry in the USA and need a boom lift platform for your project?

No worries. In this blog, we’ll let you know about the top 4 websites from where you can get boom lift rental in the USA. Each site is offering different types of boom lifts of specific ranges, which are perfect for the jobs having obstacles to reach high places.

Boom Lift Rental In USA

Name Types offers Range in Feet* Equipment Listing Locations Finder
Bigrentz.com Articulating Boom
Telescopic Boom
30 ft to 135 ft
40 ft to 180 ft
https://www.bigrentz.com/equipment-rentals/boom-lifts https://www.bigrentz.com/rental-locations
Unitedrentals.com Articulating Boom
Telescopic Boom
Towable Boom Lift
30ft to 135ft
40ft to 150ft
https://www.unitedrentals.com/marketplace/equipment/aerial-work-platforms/boom-lift https://www.unitedrentals.com/locations
Compactpowerrents / Homedepot Offer Multiples Types
Towable Boom Lift also
Multiple Ranges https://www.compactpowerrents.com/rental-equipment/scissor-and-boom-lifts/ https://www.compactpowerrents.com/locations/
Sunbelt Rentals Manlift Articulating
Manlift Straight Boom
Towable Boom Lift
34ft to 135ft
40ft to 150ft



Let’s take a review at them below:

1. Bigrentz


Bigrentz is a popular online equipment rental network, providing its services in over 2000 cities in the USA. They offer the following online rental service

  • Articulating boom Lifts which range from 30 ft to 135 ft.
  • Telescopic boom lifts which range from 40 ft to 180 ft.

Bigrentz has a variety of articulating and telescopic boom lifts in various sizes. Get a 60-foot articulating boom lift rental or of any size in the foot, perfect for your industrial project. If you want to hire boom lift rental, find your location by providing the zip code in the location finder of bigrentz.com and rent a bucket or knuckle for your job. Go to the link below to find out bigrentz service near your location and hire boom lift rental Chicago.


2. United Rentals

United Rentals

United rentals is another largest equipment rental corporation, providing over 3300 equipment throughout the USA and Canada.

They offer:

  • Articulating Boom lifts which range from 30ft to 135ft
  • Telescopic Boom lifts which range from 40ft to 150ft
  • Towable Boom Lifts which range from 30ft to 120 ft.

United rentals offer huge rental equipment catalog in different sizes. Get 35 ft towable boom lift rental in USA and Canada by tracking your location. Click on the link below to trace any articulating boom lift rental near your place by providing your location.


3. HomeDepot:


Homedepot is known as the largest online retailer in the USA, offering tools, construction services and products. Homedepot also acquired compact power rents, providing rental equipment for residential and commercial construction projects.

They offer multiple types of boom lifts in different ranges and sizes.

  • Towable boom lifts which range from 34ft to 120 ft.
  • Scissor Lifts which range from 12 ft to 32 ft.

Scissor lift or towable boom lift home depot will surely be the perfect ones for getting rid of all obstacles in reaching out the places of limited access. This website also provides location finder. Check out the link below to trace towable boom lift rental near you and hire now for your project.


4. Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals

Another equipment solutions provider to residential, commercial, industrial and other service industries.

They offer:

  • Manlift articulating lifts which range from 34ft to 135ft.
  • Manlift straight boom lifts which range from 40ft to 150ft.

They provide various equipment ranges in different ft. For instance, if you need 40-foot boom lift rental for your project, Sunbelt rentals can provide their solution in case you need their rental services in the USA. Trace your location now in location finder, provided by sunbelt rentals and rent boom lift, perfect for your project.


Whether you want to change the light fixtures, hang Christmas lights, or paint the exterior of your home, you definitely need to get boom lift rental to reach high places.

You must know what type of boom lifts you need to hire for a specific range in ft.

Types of Boom Lifts:

A boom lift is basically a kind of aerial work platform which is used by personnel for reaching high places. A common boom lift is comprised of a bucket or platform along with a long attached crane which is operated by a hydraulic lift system and jointed to a grounded base.

Here are the types of boom lifts you need to know if you want to get boom lift rental in the USA.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lift is also known as a “knuckle” boom, which employs a bucket on a swiveling turntable, attached at the end of its arm. Its modern design gives horizontal and vertical flexibility. Articulating boom has got a maximum vertical reach capacity of 125 feet. It can be extended horizontally up to 75%. They can also be expanded in sections. These are used to reach high places.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Telescopic boom lift provides more vertical height as compared to other boom lifts. They possess a bucket jointed at the end of its telescopic arm. Although, the arm is only able to expand in a straight line. When it is in use, the arm gets straight out horizontally, afterward goes up and down when needed. As the telescopic arm is only able to move in one direction, therefore its booms are also known as “stick” booms.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Telescopic booms are manufactured to reach very high workspaces. It provides the platform heights of around 40 to 80 feet. Although, the biggest models have the reaching capacity of up to 185 feet vertically in height. So this specification makes it ideal for industrial projects.

Towable Boom Lift Rental

Towable boom lifts are portable, lightweight and always ready to work. These lifts are suitable for gyms, light industrial jobs as well as yards. As it is clear by its name, it can easily be towed anywhere you want. This makes it convenient for all types of boom lifts. Usually, workers omit over safety protocols when running towable boom lifts due to the ease of convenience. The operators should be careful when using it just like when using other types of boom lifts. It has a reaching capacity of 40ft to 120 ft vertically in height.

Towable Boom Lift


Straight Boom Lifts

A straight boom lift is a type of telescopic boom lift, used for horizontal outreach. They are perfect for areas with limited access in industrial and construction applications. Straight boom lifts have outreach capacity, ranging between 31 ft 8 in and 77 ft 5 in horizontally, along with the working heights of 46 ft to 91 ft.