8 Websites to Buy Used Scissor Lift For Sale By Owner

Used Scissor Lift For Sale By Owner

A scissor lift is an equipment that uses scissor mechanism which is a series of criss-cross patterns to move people and objects vertically. The lift comes in different sizes and designs for different purposes. Scissor lifts come in three types which are pneumatic lifts which use air pressure, hydraulic lifts which used hand power and electric lifts which either use electricity or fuel.

Name of Site Website Address Industry Main Products Location
Iron Planet https://www.ironplanet.com/Scissor+Lifts Construction Equipment, Trucks, Scissor Lifts, Buy & Sell Used Equipment Mexico, New Zealand, United States, Europe, UAE, Canada, Australia
eBay https://www.ebay.com/bhp/scissor-lift Electronics, fashion, Cars, Equipment Sell new & New equipment, Products. Multiple Countries
craigslist https://portland.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=scissor+lift Classified Ads Buy & Sell Used equipment, Products Multiple Countries
Nleq https://nleq.com/equipment-type/used-scissor-lifts-for-sale Construction Equipment and Parts Buy & Sell Used equipment, Products, Parts, and More. USA
Equipment Trader https://www.equipmenttrader.com/ Construction Equipment, Rental & Sale Construction Equipment USA
One Source Rental http://www.onesourcerental.com/ Equipment, Tractors Buy & Sale Equipment USA (Specific Location)
Machinery Pete https://www.machinerypete.com/other/scissor-lifts Equipment, Tractors. Buy & Sale Equipment USA
Bidadoo https://www.bidadoo.com/scissor-lifts Equipment and Construction Tools Used Rental Equipment USA

Here are the best sites where you can get used scissor lift for sale by owner.

Iron Planet

Iron planet is an online platform involved in buying and selling of both used and unused scissor lifts. They specialize in both electric and 4WD scissor lifts from different manufacturers all over the world. Some great models in this site are; skyjack scissor lift, JLG scissor lift, Haulotte scissor lift, and Genie scissor lift for sale.

The company utilizes the mechanism of auctioning to sell the used scissor lifts. The process is done in schedules to ensure willing buyers are available. The buying process includes making a bid through online auction, on-site auction or the sealed auction. Other methods of buying such as buying instantly or making an offer are also available.

On the website, items are categorized in a simplified manner to ensures buyers easily access their desired products. Some of the major categories include; popular types category, popular makes category, and popular products category.


eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. If you have any large or small project requiring lifting equipment you can easily find any type of scissor lift for sale eBay. Electric scissor lift, portable scissor lifts, and mechanical scissor lifts are available to get your job completed.

Other types of lifts available at eBay include man lift, boom lift, forklift, and genie lift. The website provides users with an option for a used scissor lift for sale eBay. You can easily create an account and sell your used products.


If you are looking for used scissor lift for sale by owner then you have it at craigslist. Scissor car lift, scissor man lift, skyjack electric scissor lift, and grove scissor lift are among the used scissor lift for sale craigslist. You can easily acquire them through auction at amazing prices. Alternatively, you can create an account and access more services online including selling and buying.

National Lift Equipment

Since 1990, this company has been offering used scissor lift for sale by owner and other products in North America. This site boasts high-quality products all over the region and specializes in aerial lift equipment. They have equipment in all sizes, models, and from a diverse range of manufactures.

Whether you need to buy used genie scissor lift, used JLG articulating boom lift or any other type of scissor lift, this is the place. They also give an appraisal on products and give buy offers for those who need to sell their used equipment. If you need to do the scissor lift business with this site learn more here.

Equipment Trader

Equipment trader provides an all-inclusive platform for tools and equipment requirements. This site gives you an easy way to sell your equipment as well as buy used ones. Unlike the other sites, here you can rent equipment when you run low on cash. This site offers the best-used scissor lift for sale Texas, Michigan and Illinois.

They offer flexible deals which are secure and at the same time affordable. The website is refined and simplified for easy use with a search option for make or just keyword. You will not struggle to get next used scissor lift for sale Texas at equipment trader.
Check out the best deals here.

One Source

One source factory offers great deals in the sale of used scissor jacks. Electric, gas and dual-fuel pump motor jacks from the best manufacturers such as skyjack, genie, JLG, hybrid, and Bil-jax lifts are readily available.

The company is authorized by the manufactures to rent or deal with their products. The best part is that they offer a rental purchase option. This option allows you to pay part of the rental cash as payment for the equipment and later own it. This deal, however, does not commit you to buy the equipment.

Machinery Pete

Machinery Pete has used scissor lifts for sale by owner from top manufacturers such as skyjack, big joe, Bil-Jax, JLG, and Genie. With experience in trading this kind of equipment, the company gives durable equipment as well as value for your money.
The website offers all auction price data on your account for convenience purposes. You can easily create your own account with your email. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the auction price data via your email.


If you are a trader or an individual looking to sell or buy used scissor lift then do it at bidadoo. You can browse the website for great options like Haulotte scissor lifts, JLG scissor lifts, and genie scissor lifts for sale.

The website provides a nice view of the products with quality pictures. After you identify the scissor lift you need, clicking on it will provide additional information. This includes more pictures, a video to demonstrate and a checklist. This gives you confidence in the ability of the equipment you are buying.

To get all the announcements on auctions you only need to sign up for the big opportunities.


What is the average cost of used scissor lift?

A used scissor lift for sale by owner will in an estimated cost be valued between 2,000dollars to 18,000 dollars based on the type, size, and powering mechanism. Larger lifts cost more.

How high does a scissor lift go?

Scissor lifts go to heights of 19 feet up to 50 feet.