A Comprehensive Guide to Buy Floor Jack Handle Replacement

These days making maintenance on your car is a common happening. While professionals should handle major repairs, it is economical to learn to perform simple tasks. Moreover, it is important to use properly designed tools for the job to avoid struggling. Floor jacks, therefore, take a key part of any decent garage or at home workshop.

The reality is like other machinery the jacks can break or even bring real pain to roll it underneath. But, what happens if the tools handle fails to work as desired? Of course, the existing brands of jacks are different in many ways. For this reason, this article will help you know how to find high-quality jack handles. Keep Reading!

Floor Jack Handle Replacement

Things to keep in Mind Before Searching for Floor Jack Handle

It is never interesting to operate a jack at an absolute limit of what it can. Well, like other machines over time its handle is important to pump the jack. Many times even after pumping the unit fails to raise calling for the need to change the jack. But if the handle breaks, gets lost or for some reason, fails to work then you need a handle replacement.

But does that mean you need a rebuild or a purchase? Here is what to look out for when searching for a floor jack handle replacement partBut does that mean you need a rebuild or a purchase? Here is what to look out for when searching for a floor jack handle replacement partBut does that mean you need a rebuild or a purchase? Here is what to look out for when searching for a floor jack handle replacement partBut does that mean you need a rebuild or a purchase? Here is what to look out for when searching for a floor jack handle replacement part

Model Number is a Key Factor

Numbers are always troubling and bring huge concerns on the nature of tools. The builders include this not only for isolation but also as a vital aspect of the jack. Sometimes it looks like a small thing but must be considered when desiring to attain maximum heights with your jack. When searching for a replacement part, it is important to have the model number to ensure an accurate part match.

You can easily find your Jack Model number on your Jack, In most cases, it can be written on the upper side of the jack

Remember every manufacturer uses a particular number to distinguish between the tools category. For example, you can find two different floor jack designs of the same make but easily distinguished by the numbers. In the long run, you can get your high-quality jack back in shape without buying another poorly made one. This also reduces the possible constant or frequent failures. Get an exact jack handle which is trustworthy to enable you to confidently lift the vehicle

Why Brand Name is Important for Searching Floor Jack Handle

Many reasons trigger the need to consider a brand when it comes to floor jacks. Of course, names are essential to help you make wise decisions. The popular ones in the auto industry turn out to be easy to use and well equipped. The designs and features make the tool simple to work with or even move around.

To Find the jack brand name you can check the Upper Side of your jack.

Knowing the brand name is key to lifting your car since you can identify or navigate through what you want quickly and easily. You will find most handles have padding at the bottom to protect the car. Once you get it right, you can reach the desired height and even carry out complex repairs.

Common Models of Floor Jack Handle and website where you can buy?

For a floor jack to lift a car easily and quickly, the handle should be of the best quality and material. That way experience will not be a necessity when using the tool in your car. Even better total beginners can lift right away with the well-equipped floor jack handle replacement type. In case you have not found a worthy model, then here are some recommendations:


Not only should a jack replacement part be affordable but also good without sacrificing its features and performance. Indeed, CraftsMan offers items equipped for the heavy-duty and efficient lifting ars that are 3 tons. The handles of this model are made of steel coated to prevent scratches of any kind while working.

Therefore, many find it selling because of guaranteed fewer problems. Buy genuine Craftsman floor jack handle replacement parts from their website. All you need to do is to enter your jack’s model number and find a suitable handle for you. You can also get Torin floor jack replacement handle directly from here by searching your jack’s model number in the search bar.


Pittsburgh floor jack replacement handle will never lose popularity because of two main aspects. It is durable since it is constructed from steel to allow you to pump and lift a car easily. Perhaps another factor that makes this model fit is its unusually affordable price point. You will never regret purchasing this even on a tight budget for heavy-duty jobs. Search for the parts directly from Hcrcnow, Walmart, eBay and harbor freight.


The needs for floor jack during auto repairs call for a handle to help lift the car easily. Duralast floor jack handle replacement made this easy because it is durable and made from a lasting material. That means if you get emergencies while on the road you can work easily and ride confidently again. Before your next repair, stop by the Autozone website and check for a handle to purchase. You can call Duralast directly at this helpline 1-888-448-6746 or you can chat online on AutoZone for any kind of help.

What To Consider Before Buying From A Third Party Manufacturers

Among the different tools used by professional mechanics, hydraulic floor jacks is another workhorse. The tool does most of the lifting jobs and so turns small workspaces into fully-functioning ones at any moment. As it turns out, lifting and lowering a car can be scary if you have replaced some parts a few times before. It is tempting to buy another jack if you have used or owned what you have for decades. But to get there, you will realize there are many floor jacks handle replacement selections out there. Check out for the following:


The main reality is that floor jacks are used in most situations in the workshop. But not all models are very flexible and suitable for lifting and moving heavy cars. So like it is for other investments, it pays to perform due diligence before buying one. In the long term, high-quality tools cost less than getting poorly made types. The constant need to replace due to failure is very frustrating. Sure, low prices are attractive, but the growing total spent on replacement is not worth the cheapies.

Identifying a jack handle with the best build quality is the finest thing to look at. A well-built one mainly has metal parts, while the cheap ones have plastic parts. Additionally, the finish quality is another indicator of the quality of the material used. Too much-polished metal with a nice coat could mean the manufacturer is showing off the main components. Ensure you buy something heavy enough to operate smoothly.


Floor jacks have different lifting capacities, and so the handles. Keeping in mind that the tools are intended to help you lift a car and not for holding them, it is important to pair the handle well. Without doing that severe injuries may result in you or the vehicle. Following a particular manufacturer’s weight limitations are essential to avoid instances of failure.

Be diligent enough to buy what matches the rated maximum load capacity. Ensure it exceeds the weight to be lifted and keep the car safely in place. Usually, the rating is given in tons, and the common ones are 2-ton or 3-ton.


Safety is everybody’s key concern, particularly when buying a vehicle’s repair tool. Despite the many floor jack models and designs, the material used can make one stand out and also turn out to be the safest and stable one. Well, if a hydraulic floor jack cannot be movable, then what is lacking in portability should be found in its safety. The main types of materials used include steel and Aluminum.

Always buy something made from a strong material to guarantee durability. That means even if you pump the handle many times before attaining the maximum height, it will not break.

Tip To Make Your Own Jack Handle

There is nothing that cannot be made at home for use as an alternative to the original one. Well, if you think there are enough tools and skills then you can start constructing your jack handle. However, keep in mind that this must bear the car’s weight so it does not become a learning task. Of course, it is not worth imagining about seeing your car crash down or damaged.

Although some auto stores recommend buying another unit that option is not fit if you have a perfectly working floor jack especially when only its handle is not operable. One best way to replace it is to improvise one and still enjoy the convenience. Yes, a good length of a fitting size pipe will work well into the hole. You can find one from a proper store if you need the exact material.

For that fitting one, measuring the original handles is a perfect place to start. But keep in mind the handles can be lost easily so must be handled carefully.

Finally, when caught up in searching for hydraulic floor jack handle replacement parts, then start by purchasing the perfect handle for your needs. Every time you consider the tool’s model number to ensure you pick the fit one. Remember a good floor jack handle replacement should work for decades with minimum maintenance provided.

Following the above-recommended brands available, you can find the right choice for your workshop. Instead of buying you can consider going to do it yourself. It is possible to work perfectly with an improvised raising tool. Sure the right materials are absolutely safe for changing vehicle tires.