Choose the Best Back Seat Air Mattress for Truck – A Buying Guide

Recent studies enlighten that thousands of people suffer from an uncomfortable sleep. They do not enjoy the comfort of sleep. Most of them feel tired after waking up and feel lazy throughout their day. 

Sleeping disorders are major contributors to such complaints. However, sometimes their mattress is the prime culprit behind their poor sleeping experience. An uncomfortable mattress leads to poor sleeping posture and back pain. 

You can have a good quality sleep at home, but it becomes exceedingly challenging once you have to spend your night outside. People who regularly go out for long drives and camping trips appropriately prepare for their goodnight’s sleep.

People often give up the luxuries of hotels, just to bond with nature. Therefore, you might find them spending their nights in vehicles. But all of this does not come at the cost of their sleep. 

Air mattresses allow them to replicate the comfort level of their home. They slide in easily in your truck’s back seat and offer a high-quality sleeping experience during your adventures.

Do I Need a Back Seat Air Mattress for Truck?

I know what you are thinking…

Let me explain to you in advance. If you are planning camping trips or other adventures, it is better to have an air mattress in your trucks than not. 

Some people think they have to sacrifice their sleep quality to enjoy such trips. We all know that sleeping on a rough and hard surface was considered bonding with nature, even if it cause a poor sleeping experience.

Things can become more complicated if you had to spend your night in your vehicle. It is not an easy task if you are unprepared for it. But let me tell you, your sleep dictates how fresh you are for your adventures.

Here is good news for you!

A back seat air mattress for truck is designed to fill this void. Their flexibility and versatility mean they can fit in just about any vehicle. They use air pumps to fill them up with air, which can be adjusted to any level, depending on personal preference. It results in a comfortable sleep inside your truck. 

Do you know what is the best thing about them? You can use them on campsites too. Isn’t it great!

So, if you are into such adventures, then having an air mattress is crucial. You will not get such a comfort level in any of its counterparts. It guarantees enjoyable sleep, which can make your trip pleasant.

Benefits of having a Truck Back Seat Air Mattress

Air mattress is a one-time investment from which you cannot possibly go wrong. Its usefulness is unparalleled. Some advantages are listed below:

  • Cost-Effective: 

Air mattress eliminates the need of paying for a room in hotels. During long road trips, you may have to stop over to get some rest. But instead of renting a hotel room for a night, you can find a safe parking spot and sleep on an air mattress. This way, you will save a decent amount of cash.   

  • Convenient to use:

 It is indeed simple to use. Firstly, you have to unpack your air mattress. Then, inflate it manually or automatically, depending upon air mattress type, and finally, you can easily fit it on the back seat of your truck. 

  • Storage friendly: 

You can conveniently roll them from one end to the other. Afterward, you can store them in small boxes. So, they take very little space and do not affect your truck’s cargo capacity. They are also pretty lightweight. Therefore, you can carry them around easily.

  • Multipurpose: 

Not only, you can use it in the backseat of your truck once you reach the camping site, but you can utilize your air mattress there too. It removes the requirement of bringing other sleeping bags.

  • Comfortable sleep:

It provides sleep similar to a bed. You can sleep on any poster. I assure you will not get any back pain on it.

  • Durable: 

Unlike other mattresses, air mattresses are made from very durable polymers. You can roll them countless times without damaging them. Packing and unpacking are where many mattresses degrade. But air mattresses perform their job for a very long time.

  • Children and Pets Friendly:

 If you travel with children or pets, you know they do not like long drives. But with an air mattress, you can give them a comfortable travel experience. They can sleep on it with ease as well.

Back Seat Air Mattress for Truck






Onirii Inflatable Back Seat Air Mattress for Truck, SUV


HAITRAL Inflatable Car Air Mattress


OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Air Mattress


EPHESIAL Inflatable Truck Back Seat Air Mattress


SAYGOGO Inflatable Air Mattress For Truck, SUV

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Back Seat Air Mattress for Truck

Air mattresses come in different sizes and features. Your choice reflects how good your sleep will be in your truck. So, choosing the one which fits your requirements is a critical decision. 

But, before choosing air mattresses, you should know about different air mattresses.

Air mattresses have distinctive sizes, so you have to choose the one which fits in the backseat of your truck. Many of them are flexible and fit in almost every vehicle. But some of them might be large enough for your back seat.

Some air mattresses come with pillows for added comfort. They are generally made of the same material as an air mattress. 

But wait, there’s more!

An air pump is a critical component of an air mattress. It is either manual or automatic. You have to carry manual pumps separately and attach them to fill your air mattress before each use. 

They can be electrical or have a manual pumping mechanism. You can get air pumps in self-inflating air mattresses, which are generally heavier than a regular air mattress. 

You only have to lay them down and push the button, and they inflate the air mattress faster. Don’t you think it is awesome?

Moreover, it will fill the mattress according to the firmness you desire. But the air pumps are more expensive than mattresses with manual pumps. Other decision factors include, its material should be durable. Its design should be adjustable and comfortable.

Products Recommendation:

I have enlisted some products, for your ease. Each is suited to a unique function and budget. You can select according to your requirements. They are listed below alongside their pros and cons.

1. Onirii Inflatable Back Seat Air Mattress for Truck, SUV

This back seat bed for truck is specially designed for the rear seats of trucks and SUVs. It is easy to fold and use. You can conveniently hook its electric pump on the car power socket. Thus, it inflates the mattress very quickly.

  • Inflation speed is quick.nVery easy to set up.nIt comes with additional accessories to aid the sleeping experience.nThe pump and air valve system works excellently.
  • Not suitable for two people.nIt deflates after a few uses.

2. HAITRAL Inflatable Car Air Mattress

It is a lightweight and easy-to-carry air mattress. It has a universal size and can fit in most vehicles. Good quality material is used to avoid degradation when packing and unpacking. It provides comfortable sleep while traveling.

  • It is pretty easy to inflate, deflate and fold.nIt comes with a handy carrying bag.nConvenient and comfy for pets.nIt loses air very slowly.
  • Low-quality material is used.nAfter several uses, it loses air very quickly.

3. OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Air Mattress

This back seat air mattress for truck will cover all of the space in the rear part of the truck. It introduces a very comfortable sleeping experience during camping trips and long drives. It comes with a portable air pump which inflates it in minutes.

  • Deflation is a fast process.nA better alternative to sleeping bags.nPillows are very comfortable.nIt loses air slowly.
  • Quality is quite poor.nIts size is smaller, which may be incompatible for tall people.

4. EPHESIAL Inflatable Truck Back Seat Air Mattress

Its unique design includes a headboard and mobile phone pocket holder. EPHESIAL is made from soft material, which is durable and provides comfortable sleep. It is one of the best truck back seat air mattresses.

  • Very easy to inflate and store.nThe high-quality material ensures no leaking.nIdeal for travelling and outdoor usage.
  • Valves design makes it hard to stop air once the pump gets removed.nSide supports are not tall enough.

5. SAYGOGO Inflatable Air Mattress For Truck, SUV

SAYGOGO is very flexible and versatile as you use it in vehicles and outdoor adventures. Its unique design guarantees comfortable sleep and ensures good body posture.

  • cccIt inflates quickly and is ready to use within minutes.nCompatible for two people.nIts air pump has a deflation option too.nIt fits in most vehicles.
  • Not compatible with chemically sensitive people.nIt lacks durability.

How to Install Air Mattress in Your Truck?

Here is my favorite part!

Installation of air mattresses is quite easy. Even children can perform the setup procedures within a few minutes. 

You don’t need a special kit for the installation. Anyone can simply install it just by following the setup instructions.

After using it, however, it needs to deflate properly, roll, and pack in the bag provided so that its material stays safe from puncture or holes. 

Installation steps are as follows:

  • Place the mattress in the backseat of your truck.
  • Attach the air pump to the car cigarette lighter socket.
  • Make a firm connection with the valves of the air mattress.
  • Turn the pump on so inflation starts.
  • Once you achieve desired firmness, turn the pump off.
  • Remove the pump. 


Now, you are all set to enjoy your tours without compromising your comfort and sleep. I hope the information helped you to beat uncomfortable sleep.

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