Best Floor Jack 20 Ton: The Best for Heavy Lifting

20 Ton Floor Jack

What to Look for In the Best 20 Ton Hydraulic Jack?

A 20-ton hydraulic jack is used mostly for heavy vehicles like trailers, RVs, motorhomes, and other heavy weightlifting types.

If that is what you are searching for, then keep on reading. The following points will help you get a better idea of what you have to purchase.

Height when fully depressed/extended min and max 

It is essential to know what your Jack’s minimum and maximum size will be at both staged, fully depressed, and extended.

This way, you’ll know if the jack would fit under what you are trying to lift and work right.

For an average 20-ton jack, the top of the ram’s measurements is around 11/8 inches, whereas the cylinder that raises it is a bit wider than the ram itself. 

The height at fully depressed can be around 9′ or 9.5′ and can go higher based on how much you raise it. 

The diameter of the ram (why does diameter matter in a 20-ton bottle jack?)

For your ease, measure the ram and the base to get an idea of the diameter, so the jack properly works for the load you want to lift.

The ram’s top is about 11/8 inches, whereas the cylinder below it is slighter more comprehensive than the ram itself; about 1.25inches wider.

As for the base of a 20-ton jack, it is approximately 3.5″ x 4.5″. However, the sizes may vary based on brand, size, and other factors.

Things Consider Before Buying 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Jack

If you’ve decided on buying an air hydraulic Jack, the below-mentioned points are specifically for you.

For vehicles with high ground clearance like school buses, air jacks work ideally. The lift is smooth and quick, and you can expect zero leakage problems. 

They can be pretty heavy and sturdy, so if you are about to keep one in an auto shop, this is your deal.

Max and general air pressure of the jack

For most of the air jacks, going higher than 175psi isn’t safe. Generally, air jacks have a pressure of about 14.696psi. Try to hazardous exceed the max limit or let the pressure fall below the general count. Make sure that you keep in mind the pressure count while purchasing the jack.

How long does it take to pump from retracted to fully extended?

The timing for the pneumatic lifting of a jack depends on the load. When there is no load, the lifting time is about 60-63 seconds generally.

However, the lifting time rises for a rated load, which can be around 4-5min, so whatever Jack you decide on buying, don’t forget to check the lifting time. 

Length of the handle 

The length of the jack’s handle is a crucial thing to know. If the handle isn’t long enough, you won’t be able to move it. Hence, Jack won’t serve its purpose, whereas if the handle is too long, it will take forever to lift a weight, and the arm strain would be unreal.

Therefore, you must pick a jack with the right handle length to avoid all of that.

Does air Jack have the handles?

Air jack is a complete package, more like a whole kind of deal. So, the answer is yes! It does have a handle.

The length depends on what size you purchase. It also comprises hose and air supply, which completes the system.

Does this jack require adding hydraulic oil upon arrival, or has oil already been added before shipping? If the oil is needed, how much? 

The best part of these jacks is that they are ready to use just straight out of the box. So no, there is no need to oil it. Maintenance is only needed once you start using it.

Just keep the Jack clean and use it correctly according to the given instructions, and the maintenance cost would be negligible. 

Will Air jack work from a portable air pump? (air pump include or not, if yes what type of is it mobile or you can buy separate one)

It all depends on Jack’s type you buy. However, it is a crucial point to keep in mind while purchasing an air hydraulic jack. 

If the jack you purchase does not come with an air pump, getting a separate one is a good idea.

EPAuto 12V DC portable air compressor pump with a digital tire inflator will make a difference.

It’s super confident to work with; plug it in the cigarette lighter socket, and it’s on. It has a crisp display with a bright flashlight.

It works perfectly for mid-sized vehicles and bikes, but it’s not compatible with truck tires and for use on heavy automobiles.

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Recommendations of 20 Ton Jack Manual

Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack (Manual)

Manufactured by renowned Torin, this 18lbs made of pure steel and welded with precision, so the worry of any sorts of leakage is out of the window.

Its versatile design works for both commercials and residential use with minimal effort required for operation and smooth manoeuvrability. The lifting range is about 9-1/2″ to 17-3/4″ for a 20-ton jack. 

However, as sturdy it may be, there have been some complaints about leakage of hydraulic oil, and some even experiences some, malfunctioning like Jack not being able to lower all the way. 

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Pro-Lift Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack (Manual)

This 24lbs heavy equipment is ideal for lifting all kinds of heavy vehicles, truck service, farm and shop, and Heat-Treated Critical Stress Areas. 

The innovative design comprises a carrying handle, an adjustable extension screw, and a steel lifting saddle engineered with precision, which provides effortless lifting.

With a sturdy build and a lifting range of 9-1/2 x 18-7/8 inch, this jack can easily lift heavy loads and can last for quite a while.

Nonetheless, it has some drawbacks. The heavy-duty jack is unsuitable for smaller vehicles, and you need to pump it manually.

 So, if you want one for heavy objects lifting and got no problem pumping manually, this one is for you.

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Torin Pneumatic Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack (Air)

This jack is an advanced and nifty piece of equipment that works both ways, air and manual mode.

From farm vehicles to much more, it’s adaptive design comprising a vast and rugged base contributes to a more stable maneuver and adds strength to the lift.

It provides a lifting range of about 10-7/16″ to 20-1/16″ with a 20-ton weight while weighing only 32lbs itself. Here are some more of its feature: 

  • 100-175psi of air pressure
  • Push-button to control speed and efficiency
  • Mini air pressure to raise rated capacity load is 110psi

If you are new to all this, it can give you a hard time. Also, don’t use it for low-profile vehicles, you’d end up causing some irreversible damage.

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Mophorn Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 Ton (Air)

If you are looking for a jack to lift heavy objects like heavy-duty machinery, farm vehicles, industrial equipment, military applications, etc., this jack will work ideally for you.

It has a built-in rugged steel ring that is erosion resistant; the internal structure made in a way that minimizes friction occurs like the inner bars do not touch. Hence, durability ensured.

The jack has two handles that connect in a way that storage and usage are effortless. The jack comprises a lift valve that makes the internal oil circuit reliable.

Here are some specifications:

  • Max Pressure: 200PSI. (working pressure ranges from 120-200psi)
  • Maximum Height: 20″(51cm)
  • Lifting Height: 6-5/8″(17cm)
  • Adjust Height: 3-1/8″(8cm)

But there have been some complaints of the jack not performing up to the mark and is lifts very slow.

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Air 20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack VS Manual 20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

In case you are about to purchase a jack and can’t make up your mind on the type, the following points will help you develop a comparative differentiation and figure out what suits your need the best.

Lifting Model

Air jack has an air compressor attached to the bottle jack, which creates air pressure that lifts the load.

It either comes with the jack or is purchased separately. 

A simple hydraulic jack comprises a handle that moved up and down to lift the load. It is more of a manual operation.  

Maintenance of Oil VS Air Machinery 

Air jacks are more complicated than that; they require the machinery’s care and the jack itself.

A simple hydraulic jack only requires oil for maintenance.

Weight of Jack 

Air jacks weigh more than a simple hydraulic one because the machinery attached to it includes an air compressor.

A simple hydraulic jack can also be quite heavy at times, but it is much lighter in comparison to an air jack. 

Right Way to Use a 20-ton bottle jack 

Before you begin working with any Jack, make sure that the bottom valve is completely screwed closed to keep the air from escaping the chamber that ensures better lifting.

How to use an Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack?

How to use an Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack?
  1. Air jacks are heavy due to different machinery types like the compressor and all so fist you need to keep large concrete blocks under it to support and stabilize the lift.
  2. Place the air jack on the blocks and make sure it’s nice and flat and not leaning towards any side.
  3. Now, start pumping the air, and the jack will begin to lift. Here, make sure that Jack is not touching the vehicle when completely depressed.
  4. The air jack takes only a few seconds to raise your vehicle. Once you’re done, release the air pressure and remove the jack and then the blocks.

How to use a Simple Hydraulic Bottle, Jack? 

How to use a Simple Hydraulic Bottle, Jack?
  1. Place your jack under the vehicle and unscrew the top of the jack all the way.
  2. Use the handle to close the valve. 
  3. Now feed the handle to the handle casing and rotate it so it gets locked in its position. Place the hold in Jack’s handle socket.
  4. Start to operate the jack by moving the handle up and down until the desired height reach.
  5. Place the jack stand under the lifted vehicle. It does not come with Jack, so if you don’t have any problem, you can only work with Jack.
  6. Now gently open the valve to lower the jack until the vehicle is ultimately lower. 
  7. Store your jack upright to avoid any damage.

Common Problems in 20-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack 

As nifty as jacks are, there can be some problems you would have to deal with like:


In case a hissing sound comes from the main seal, that’s when you know your jack is bleeding. When this happens, Jack loses the ability to hold pressure or lift properly.

You can try re-bleeding or a bunch of other hacks, but that would make not much difference. You’d have to spend extra bucks and your time to fix it.

You can avoid this problem by storing Jack upright and NOT sideways, which causes this problem in the first place.

Jack not lowering 

A jack not lowering ultimately is a common problem and is pretty tough to fix because 20 tons isn’t very light to work with

To deal with this, try doing the following things, I’m sure if the first one doesn’t work, the second definitely will:

Remove all the air from the jack.