Best Motorcycle Jack 2022: The Easy and Small Jack

Motorcycle Jack

The motorcycle jack is a special type of jack that is used to lift motorcycles. It is made from heavy-duty metal material like steel and also has a stable base. Besides, all models have a rubber grip pad called a saddle that protects the paint of the motorcycle during lifting. Motorcycle jacks are of many types, i.e., scissor jacks, hydraulic jacks, floor jacks, etc.

Motorcycle maintenance is usually not as complicated as automotive maintenance, but wrestling a heavy bike while working on the engine, tires, or other parts can be difficult without a jack. Motorcycle floor jacks take the weight of the bike, lift the frame high and keep it balanced so you can work on it without fear of tipping over. Since some jacks are rather small, they are also easy to use and store in cramped spaces if needed. If you want your motorcycle to be in good shape at all times, then you need to get a motorcycle jack.

Motorcycle jack is important while performing tasks such as tires replacement, when you want to change fluids, and when you need to do these basic fixes without the help of a professional. Any motorcycle lover would love to repair his bike on his own, at least when it comes to some basic repairs which can be done easily. With a motorcycle jack, home-based maintenance proves to be quite possible and anyone can simply repair their bike without visiting any shop. Unlike car lifts, motorcycle bike lifts are specially designed for motorcycles and are, therefore, the safest and most convenient option. Here is some of the detailed discussion about motorcycle strand jacks.

Best Motorcycle Jacks of 2020






Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift


liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck


Extreme Max 5001.5044 5001.5044 1000 lbs


STKUSA 1100Lbs


YITAMOTOR Adjustable Dirt Bike Motorcycle Lift Stand


ZENY 1100 LB Scissor Lift Jack


Dragway Tools 1100 LB


OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift




Smartxchoices 1500 lbs

Orion Motor Tech Dilated Scissor Lift Jack for Street Bike

This jack is of high-quality steel material with a loading capacity of about 1000 pounds. This jack has a scissor design with rubber padded saddle and the wide surface ensures your motorcycle stays in a position all through the process or period when repairs are being carried on it. It can be lifted using a T-handle.

  • Lifting range is 3.75 inches to 13.4 inchesnEasy to operatenThe saddle is large which encourages stability and safety.
  • Low lifting capacitynNot ideal for motorcycles that are considered to be high.

liftmaster 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

This is a versatile and convenient motorcycle jack that is constructed with solid steel material in black and blue powder coated finish. The lifting platform is made of great quality rubber material. The mat that is on the platform helps to prevent scratches and reduce the risk of slipping. Moreover, the height variance of this jack ranges from 3.2 inches to 13.25 inches and it can hold a maximum load of 1100lbs.

  • 10.6-inch wide decknEasy to usenThe lifting capacity is 1100 lbs.
  • Slightly heavynVery hard to find a replacement of faulty part

Extreme Max 5001.5044 1000 lbs. Motorcycle Scissors Jack-Wide

This bike jack is produced using rock-solid steel. It can easily lift the weight of 1100lbs. It can be used to lift anything off the ground for up to 14 inches. The lift is highly durable and reliable. When completely collapsed, this lift has a height of 3-3/8 inches. Moreover, when not in use, the Extreme Max can easily be stored.

  • Low profile motorcycle jacknThe platform saddle is coated with a rubber material so as not to damage your motorcycle.nDurable and long-lasting with a steel frame.
  • Difficult to balance the bikenNot a heavy-duty toolnSome components such as a bolt are of average quality

STKUSA 1100Lbs Motorcycle Lift Scissor Center Jack Lift

This is an ideal jack that has the ability to fits most motorcycle models including cruisers, strikers, ATVs, UTVs, Dirt bikes, snowmobiles, etc. This jack comes with a deck that can be easily extended and also with pre-drilled wings at the base of two sides of jacks. This ensures weight is evenly and efficiently distributed during lifting. It has a heavy-duty steel body; the rubber deck surface prevents scratching and adds stability.

  • The lifting capacity is 1100 lbs.nHeight range is 3-3/4 inches to 13-4/5 inchesnEasy to Crank
  • Need some lubrication before using itnTop and bottom surfaces can be a little bit slippery

YITAMOTOR Adjustable Dirt Bike Motorcycle Lift Stand

This is the adjustable height stand/deck, constructed from powder-coated high steel grade, strong and stable. The durable anti-slip pad helps to prevent the bike from slipping, rust, and corrosion-resistant. Its large lever design helps to avoid pinched fingers and strained shoulders from lifting your bike. Easy to assemble, the safety pin is connected to the arm so that it would not get lost.

  • Maximum lifting weight is 150kg (330 lbs)nAdjustable height range is 25.2cm (9.92 inch) – 46cm (18.11 inch)nEasy to assemble
  • Low lifting capacitynNot the most secure and stable on heavy bikes

ZENY 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Zeny Wide is a small motorcycle jack that is high in quality, sturdy, durability and compact. The body of the lift is coated with a red powdered coating to prevent and resist corrosion. A simple crank mechanism is used to lift the motorcycle. The crank handle is removable and replaceable, with a maximum weight capacity of 1100 lbs. Manufactured from high-quality steel material which ensures its long durability.

  • Maximum height range is 14.5 inchnExcellent build construction from steelnThe saddle is anti-slipnSmall and compact
  • Low maximum lift heightnVery hard to crank up

Dragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

This is another powerful and amazing scissor-like motorcycle jack. This tool ensures your motorcycle is properly maintained from time to time. The loading weight stands at 1100 pounds and lifts range 13.25 inches at maximum. It can be used or positions on trucks, in the garage or the shops. This wide deck motorcycle center scissor lift jack is made of high-quality steel and perfectly fit for motorcycles.

  • Loading capacity of about 1100 poundsnLift range of about 13.25 inchesnEasy to use and affordablenOpen and use (No need to assemble)
  • Difficult to find a replacement of faulty partsnPackaging problems

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

This is one of the best motorcycle jacks for sale in the market. This is the hydraulic motorcycle jack that uses a powerful hydraulic system that can not only deliver a weight capacity of 1500 lbs but also easily be locked in position for more safety. This jack comes with a pedal that can be controlled with your foot. The pedal ensures that you can operate the hydraulic system without the use or involvement of your hands. To guarantee ease of movements, this motorcycle jack comes with four rollers. These rollers are fixed at the base of the jack and the support an easy and faster medium of moving the jack from one point to another point.

  • High Quality steel materialnWeight capacity of 1500 lbsnLift range of about 3-1/2 inch to 16-3/4 inch.nUses a hydraulic systemnComes with a peddle, safety lock and four rollersnHigh performance
  • Lowering down very quicklynNot for sports bikenVery expensive

VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hoist Stand 1500 lbs

This Vivo home motorcycle jack is ergonomically compact and perfectly functional. It is a compact model with a design that makes it safe to handle and easy to service your motorcycle. Its simple lifting mechanism has a staggering load-bearing capacity of 1500 lbs. It is made with a durable steel frame and consists of rubber lift pads which help in eliminating any slippage. It also offers the flexibility of easy transport, which means jack can be carried anywhere on your travel. This jack can be operated manually by a foot pedal or it can be attached to a compressed airline and operated by a pneumatic lift cylinder.

  • A detachable handlenTwo adapter bars, two tie-down straps.nHolding capacity of 1500 lbsnLift range of about 4.5 inches to 14.5 inch
  • Missing safety locknPoor packaging nNot easy to assemble

Smartxchoices 1500 lbs Motorcycle ATV Lift Jack Hydraulic Scissor Jack

This jack is ideal for stabilizing your motorcycle. Its tubular frame is constructed of high steel grade and built to exacting standards for quality and durability. The lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough chemical wash to ensure a long-lasting finish. Its rubber grip pads help to protect the motorcycle frame from damage, welded brackets help to keep the load secure. It also includes a convenient pull handle with a rubber comfort grip to make moving easier.

  • Steel material, holding capacity of 1500 lbsn3 position locking mechanism, assembly requirednIncludes jack, handle, two adapter bars and manualnIdeal lift for motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors, personal watercraft, and ATVs.
  • Unsafe lowering mechanismnRubber cap on the front might slide a bit

What are the types of Motorcycle Jack?

If you are looking for a motorbike jack that is not only easy-to-use by also affordable and functional, consider all types of jacks and browse a little to fully know your options. The following are the two types of motorbike jacks; their variations include innovatively altered jacks that are more stable and durable.

Scissor jack

This type is affordable and lightweight. Due to a less sturdy build, these jacks are no reliable for heavy bikes and large vehicles. Scissor jacks are safe to use and require no additional safety equipment. Just turn the pin to lock it in its place.

Hydraulic/floor Jack

Hydraulic jacks are expensive and have a sturdy metallic body which supports heavy-duty usage. Due to the hydraulic system, they require minimal effort for operation. These jacks, though require an extra attachment for the safety purpose which will lock the jack in its place.

Which one is better Motorcycle lift table vs Jack?

Can’t decide between a motorcycle jack and a lift? That purchase depends entirely on your needs. However, motorcycle jack, here would be the preferred option due to its portability and better functionality as compared to a lift. It takes up less room and gets heavy-duty jobs done the same as a lift without the hassle of storage and budget strain.

However, if you are an auto shop owner and have to frequently deal with bike lifting for repair and maintenance, you might want to opt for a lift. The sturdy build provides a long-term benefit with a one-time investment. Also, they provide more height and stability to the lifting motorcycle so you can have easy access underneath. These are usually recommended for proprietors and not for everyday usage at-home garage.

If you are a price-conscious customer looking for functionality with budget-friendly purchase, go for a motorcycle jack.

Motorcycle jacks are much more prefeed equipment as compared to the lift due to the size and price. Many customers have even complained that their lift was too tall to fit under the vehicle; even if they somehow were able to fit it under the bike, the lift was extremely unstable and the job was a complete disaster. Also, the lift is way heavier than a jack so if you want portability, buy a jack. The size of the lift is major, the problem. There is only one prominent problem with jacks, which is the regular lubrication.

How many types of hydraulic motorcycle jack?

Hydraulic jacks use hydraulic pressure for the lifting of bikes. There are three innovative and versatile designs made in terms of hydraulic motorcycle jacks.

Floor hydraulic motorcycle jacks are the most common. These jacks can lift heavy bikes to 2tons and provide convenient lifting. Another benefit o using floor jacks is that it is faster as compared to other jacks.

Trolley hydraulic motorcycle jacks are another innovative automobile equipment that does not only provide the basic benefits of a hydraulic jack but its also mobile. Instead of carrying a heavy jack, you can just drag the trolley jack.

Bottle hydraulic motorcycle jacks are small in size despite having hydraulic technology they are lightweight and easily carriable. This means you can easily store them in your garage or any place. They are user-friendly but cost you some dollars; after all, they are an innovation.

How to use a motorcycle jack?

Before working with a jack, you must first ensure safety. If you are using a scissor jack, there is no worry as it has a self-safety mechanism but if you are using a hydraulic jack, you need to buy additional equipment to lock that thing in its place.

To operate a motorcycle jack, you first need to place the bike on an even surface to ensure stability. Place the jack below the bike and use a wooden block so the bike stays in place. Pull the hydraulic valve until the desired height is reached. Pushing the valve would release the hydraulic pressure so you can lower your vehicle.

Scissor jacks, however, inmove a level in which you are to move to lift the bike. The metallic scissor bars are locked in the place with a pin, to ensure a lift each time the lever is pulled.

How to make a motorcycle jack?

To make a motorcycle jack you would need the following items

  • Two 32” solid wooden planks (2/8)
  • One 28” plank (2/8)
  • 4” Nails
  • Wood glue
  • 35” wooden piece (2/4)

Sandwich the 28” wooden plan between the 32” ones. To do so, use a sufficient amount of wood glue. To make them stick together more securely, nail each face with at least 3, 4″ nails. Once you are done securing the wooden planks together, use the 35” (2/4) wooden piece to make a handle for your lift. Glue this piece’s end in the gap between the 32” pieces’ ends. To ensure its adhesion apply glue on 3 faces of this piece and nail between the 32” planks. Voila!

Which is the best motorcycle jack?

Purchasing a motorcycle jack is not a difficult decision. If you know your vehicle, you can easily opt for the best possible jack for your bike. Here are a few recommendations:

Liftmaster center lift
This jack has a unique design and comes with a lifting lever so you can handle it more conveniently. The sturdy build of the jack provides a stable lift; however, the functionality is not very smooth and it might lift heavy vehicles, slow.

Zeny 11000-pound jack
This jack is considerably better than a Liftmaster due to its slim yet versatile build. The structure of the jack provides storage and carriage benefits. As it is a scissor jack, it is 4” above the ground due to a low-profile design. This jack, though the platform does not have padding which increases height.

Extreme max jack
This is one of the most popular home-used jacks which lift heavy vehicles like a Harley. The sturdy build provides durability and regardless of the system’s large size, it is easy to set up. The only drawback is that it requires additional support for stability.