Buy the Best Portable Power Station for CPAP – A Buying Guide

A couple of weeks ago, I met one of my high school buddies at a get-together. We were unfolding each other’s high school secrets. 

However, a friend of mine told everyone about sleep disorders. He mentioned that his mother does not join them for recreational trips and camping because of her sleep disorders.

Do you know that people with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea have to go through very anxious nights of sleep? 

The primary cause of restless sleep is waking up tired after a sound sleep. It contributes to an increase in laziness and tiredness during the daytime, which leads to less productivity. 

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy is a treatment for people suffering from sleep apnea. CPAP machines use balanced air pressure to keep airways open while the patient is sleeping. It helps in reducing breathing problems during sleep.

You can call it a long-term treatment method, which has to go alongside your routine life. Skipping it for a few days or weeks will revert any progress towards eliminating sleep apnea. 

Imagine what would it be like if you want to go on a camping trip and you face difficulty continuing CPAP therapy throughout the tour. Therefore, modern CPAP machines are lightweight and portable to tackle such issues and allow patients to continue the treatment.

Why is it Important to Use CPAP Machines During Camping?

Those days are long gone when you would find such machines only in hospitals, and ordinary people could not get CPAP treatment without visiting hospitals.

This machine allows you to have camping with sleep apnea. Now, it is possible to travel anywhere with CPAP machines. If you are holding your long-promised camping trip due to sleep apnea, you need not worry.  

For those who do not know about such facts, I should mention that people undergoing CPAP therapy realize the importance of not skipping it, even for a single night. It is because neglecting CPAP therapy means you lose significant progress towards treating sleep apnea.

And guess what’s worse? It can make your trip less enjoyable and may introduce more health problems.

Therefore, I recommend contacting your doctor before going anywhere so he can guide you properly about how to use it efficiently. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Power Station

You might want to pay extra attention to this section, as CPAP machines are pretty sensitive.

Special care is of utmost necessity when dealing with their charging mechanism. Such as, you need to make sure that your machine is dual voltage. You can look that up in device specifications. 

  • Now, choose a power station depending on the power rating of your CPAP machine. You should check power consumption during recommended usage of your CPAP machine and pick a power station that covers night sleep. 
  • Consult your doctor about what optional features you can skip. In this way, you can use the power more efficiently. 
  • You must ensure that the power station connects properly with your CPAP machine and provides stable voltage. Otherwise, it may fry circuits in the machine and cause dangerous electrical hazards. 
  • Also, if you are choosing the solar-powered power station, then make sure its charging time is fast. It is because you cannot have a full battery for the nighttime. The charging time of the power station should coincide with your daily routine.
  • Specialists suggest power stations should be small and portable. It should be compatible with a CPAP machine. You can check your device’s manufacturer website to see what portable power stations suit your machine well.

How does Portable Power Station Work for CPAP Machines?

Let me be pretty honest with you. 

A portable power station is very convenient for traveling or during power outages. Now, having a portable power station during a power outage will cover your sleep for that night. 

You probably will not spend one night on a camping trip. So, you need to use every single watt of power conservatively and plan when you are going to charge power stations.  

It may sound surprising to you, but you can get up to four nights’ use of a CPAP machine with a fully charged power station.

What is even better? The CPAP can last longer if you disable the humidifier because it draws most power from a battery and uses a DC converter. 

Finally, you can charge the portable power station by plugging them into the car’s cigarette lighter. Some power stations also have solar accessories as an alternative charging option. 

However, you can fully charge them within 8 to 10 hours in both of the mentioned cases. Professionals recommend charging power stations early in the morning, starting from 8:00 am. It is because you will be busy preparing breakfast, cleaning, or any other activity. Meanwhile, your device will charge in the background, ready to be used at night. 

Truthfully, I think it is a piece of pretty reliable advice.

Best Portable Power Station for CPAP






 FF FLASHFISH 330W Portable Power Station for CPAP


Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer


FlashFish 60000mAh Portable Power Station


Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300


EnginStar Portable Power Station


BALDR Portable Power Station


Progeny 300W Portable Power Station

We have listed a few portable power stations which are compatible with CPAP machines and very useful during camping trips. Their features, strengths, and weak points are presented to allow you to make the best decision. 

1. FF FLASHFISH 330W Portable Power Station for CPAP

The specially designed power station is one of the best portable power station for CPAP machines. It has multiple output sources, enabling multiple devices to connect at once. It also has an optional solar charging option.

  • Large capacity, which can run CPAP for multiple days.nVersatile ports can receive output from many sources.nIt can charge a wide range of devices.nWith a solar panel, it acts as a mini power plant.nSupports over one device at once.
  • You cannot charge it with a 12v car cigarette lighter port.nWeak light makes it difficult to see during power outages.

2. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer

The Jackery power station is a highly rated power station that is easy to carry around during outdoor adventures. You can charge it through a variety of sources. You can also attach the solar panel to it to make it a sustainable power source. 

  • It is lightweight and can be carried around in bags.nYou can charge it pretty quickly.nIt fits the camping lifestyle because of its small size. nIt can fit around in small spaces.nThe solar panel makes it a great entry-level power station during power outages.n
  • Expensive and Dinky nYou cannot allow the unit to drain completely

3. FlashFish 60000mAh Portable Power Station

It is a durable power station and provides a stable charge for devices. It is minute and will suit outdoor activities.

  • It does not make any noise while charging.nIt does not overheat.nIt provides safety from electrical hazards.nSpecially designed for CPAP machines.nEasy to see the display screen
  • Power rating is misleading.nQuality is poor.

4. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300

It provides safe and fast charging to your devices in emergency scenarios. It charges itself quickly when plugged into a wall outlet. Jackery portable power station explorer 1000 is used for heavy appliances.

  • It is small-sized and lightweight.nPower CPAP machine for two nights use.nThe display screen gives complete info about the remaining power capacity.nCan power smaller appliances.
  • The battery drains when it is not in use.nNo automatic power off option.

5. EnginStar Portable Power Station

Its large capacity power bank can charge all devices up to 300W. An excellent option for camping activities and provides a stable charge for equipment.

  • When combined with solar panels, it can power almost every electronic device.nCPAP machines can last up to 4 nights use with this power station.nEasy to travel around with it.nThe display screen is big and effective.
  • The cooling fan rattles inside and creates unpleasant noise.nIt does not function with car refrigerators.

6. BALDR Portable Power Station

It is an excellent option for people who go on camping trips frequently. It charges up to 9 devices at once without the risk of overheating or short circuits and gives stable output.

  • A perfect option for CPAP machines because of the stable output this product gives the entire night.nIt has five different output ports to power or charge devices.nYou can charge it in 3 different ways.nWhen it combines with solar panels, it charges quickly.
  • The charging cord can get hot sometimes.nThe battery may enter sleep mode. It needs to get reactivated by plugging in the wall outlet.

7. Progeny 300W Portable Power Station

It works nicely with CPAP machines, as it provides regulated power. It improves battery utilization by overload and overvoltage protection. Above all, it is very lightweight and gives multiple choices for output.

  • It has a regulated power supply.nIt does not shut down at low power usage.nYou can charge devices while it charges themselves with solar power.nSleek design.
  • Its charging speed is slow.nIncluded plugs do not work.

How to Install Portable Power Station for CPAP?

If you are planning to use a CPAP machine by powering it through a power station on a camping trip, you should thoroughly test it out at home first. 

Now, before we move towards the installation procedure, you need to make sure you have the following components,

  • DC convertor
  • AC or DC power cord
  • DC output cable
  • Power supply unit adapter.

For your convenience, I have divided this installation method into two parts. Charging the power station and attaching the power station to the CPAP machine. They are:

Charging the Power station:

  • Attach the AC or DC power cord to an input port.
  • Attach the power cord to either the wall outlet or solar panel.

Installing it to CPAP machine:

  • Select the correct voltage for your CPAP machine using a voltage output selector.
  • Connect DC output cable to the power station.
  • Connect another end of the output cable to the CPAP machine.
  • Turn the DC output switch on.

How Do I Use My CPAP Without Electricity?

If you are taking CPAP machines on your camping trip, then it is necessary to sort out the power source beforehand. Yes, you are thinking right. It can be a challenge, as a few campsites have access to electricity. 

Therefore, portable means of powering CPAP equipment are used. There are many ways to power your CPAP machines. 

There is an option of bringing a portable power station. People commonly use generators on camping adventures. So, people can power their CPAP machines from the generator if there is no electricity.

You might consider it a sigh of relief because now we have portable power stations. Do you know the best part about them? CPAP manufacturers make them. They will power your device when the prime power source is unavailable for 8-16 hours.

Other ways to power your CPAP machines are using car batteries or battery packs.


Life is short, so don’t let minute obstacles block the entire path. You can live a peaceful and comfy life with these amazing machines. For more queries, consult a doctor, so that you can have the best outcome!

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