Car Battery is Completely Dead And Won’t Charge | How To Fix

Car Battery is Completely Dead And Won't Charge

Why is my car battery completely dead?

A lot of things can contribute to a dead car battery. Usually, when you use the battery for a long time, it gets low on voltage If you keep using it like this, the battery eventually dies.

After using it for a long time, not only the amount of charge decrease but the quality of charge also becomes poor. So if you have been using the same car battery for a very long time, I’d suggest you replace it immediately.

Can a car battery go completely dead?

It is quite the FAQ as people often face problems regarding car batteries are producing insufficient charge to get the engine going.

If you have been using the same car battery for a while now then the charge must have been reduced. So YES, the battery can go completely dead. 

To deal with this problem you will be needing a voltmeter to check the voltage and a charger to recharge the battery. Ensure the voltage remains higher than 14 volts. Once the battery receives enough charge maintain the 12.7volts to charge the battery. 

Volt Ohm Voltage Tester Meter

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Car battery completely dead overnight

Nothing is more frustrating than waking up to a dead car battery especially when you are in a hurry. If you keep facing this problem now and again, you need to change the battery as it might be out of battery juice.

Before you throw it out there is a couple of things you need to check. The voltage of the battery at times needs a jump-start; if it’s a 12V battery then you’ll need to jump it up. It will get the lights clock etc. going.

Here is something you must keep in mind, a high voltage driver battery does not work for a 12V battery. You can use an on-board charger with a DC to DC convertor. If still, it does no good for your car battery jump-starting is a good option and works most of the time. 

However, if jump starting fails too, replacing the battery is the only option you are left with as it might be dead.

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Can you push start a car with a completely dead battery?

Can you charge a completely dead car battery?

A car battery can go completely dead just like any other battery but can you revive it by recharging it or not is the real question. 

It all depends on the health of the battery if it is in a good condition you can recharge it with a starting voltage of 14V and reducing it to 12V once charging begins.

So, yes you can charge a battery that is dead.

How to charge a completely dead car battery 

Car battery completely dead won’t charge  – Guide to Fix

A dead car battery can be revived, yes but some methods are either too complicated or can’t be done at home. Here is a method that is not only easy but you can do it at home and under a budget.

The Epsom Salt Method

Safety first! Before you begin the process make sure to wear eye protection, gloves and do the whole thing in an open.

You will be needing a concentrated solution of Epsom salt and distilled water for this to work so boil some distilled water and add high amounts of Epsom salt to it. (4lbs salt in 1 gallon of water). The salt solution will cleanse the battery and remove contribute to the rekindling process.

Start by removing the liquid from the battery (electrolyte) and rinsing it off with tap water. Get as much of the contaminants out as you can to prevent the bridging of the plates. Allow them to drain and dry once completely rinsed.

Mix the Epsom salt-water solution with the electrolyte of the battery Epsom salt. Add the mixture to each cell of the battery using a bulb-type filler or a dropper, whatever is available. Do not put the caps back on. 

Finally, put the battery on the charger and leave it for a while, almost 7-8 hours. It will not only revive the battery but will recharge it as well confirming if the whole thing worked for the battery or not. Here is a charger you can use. It works pretty well for almost all batteries.

NOCO GENIUS10 – Automatic Smart Charger

It is a compact battery charger that works ideally for 6-volts and 12-volts batteries. With this high-performance charger, you can revive the dead batteries of almost any vehicle from lawnmowers and motorbike to all cars. The design is pristine and high precision so the operation smooth and you don’t have to worry about maintenance. 

Why New Car Battery Completely Dead?

Before you purchase a battery, make sure you check the Desolator voltage and battery life. Sometimes, people end up buying batteries that have already given up as new ones so don’t skip this step.

Most of the brands sell batteries with a life of around 3 years but if you maintain it and keep it in good condition, it may last twice as much. The new battery should have a 90% life if new; anywhere around 75 or less is considered poor battery condition.

Try and keep the terminals of the battery clean and free of any accumulation; keep the terminal connectors tight. If you do not drive much, make sure to give the car a run every week for almost 20-30 minutes to keep the battery alive.

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It is an essential step as a stationary car undergoes charge leakage; alarm, immobilizer ECU, etc. causes it. So by giving it a spin, you make up for the lost charge.

If a car battery is completely dead can it be recharged?

Yes, you can fix a completely dead battery. All you need is a bit of Epsom salt and some distilled water to clear out the sulfur deposits. Epsom salt dissolves all the build-up and cleans out the terminals.

Pour a tablespoon of the solution (8-9 Tbs of salt in 1 cup warm distilled water) into each of the six cells of the battery. Attach a small tickle charger afterward and your battery would be good as new.

Quick note: keep the tickle charge on low power. You don’t want to blast the newly revived battery with a charge.

What happens when a car battery is completely dead?

If you own an automatic car, a dead car battery may lead to car doors not opening. The low voltage will not only keep the car from starting but all the ‘computerized stuff” like the AC, radio, etc. won’t work.

How do I know if my car battery is completely dead?

For starters, if your car has a completely dead battery it will start acting up but if you want to make sure, check the voltage. If it is the lowest possible voltage reading, try jump-starting it. If the voltage still doesn’t rise above 2 or 3, that means the battery is completely dead and you need a new one.

How do I know if my car battery is completely dead?

If a car battery has low voltage, it indicates that some charge is left. At an extremely low level of current, you can’t jump-start a battery. That is when you’ll know your battery is completely dead and you need a new one.