How to Convert Car to Push Button Start

How to Convert Car to Push Button Start

Can I Convert My Car to Push-Button Start?

The keyless ignition system does not only give your car a touch of innovative technology but also saves time spent in rummaging your car keys every time you have to go for a drive. It comes with a fob that you can keep with yourself (within proximity). The fob has low-frequency signals which act as an authentication for the keyless ignition system to work. This system has become widely available in vehicles that too at affordable prices. Push-button start ignitions are quite useful for people with health problems like arthritis or Parkinson’s who find it hard to grip on the keys.

You can convert your car to the push-button start and add a keyless ignition by replacing the hot wires with a switch. The hot-wiring process involves two wire ends touching each other to produce ignition whereas a push-button start will use a switch instead. If your key does not work or you have lost it, you will be needing an in-depth- diagram for this purpose. This will provide you better know-how of the positioning of wires. Attach the switch where the wires connect. However, this system is not quite secure as anyone can flip the switch and get in the vehicle.

Convert Car to Push-Button Start Cost

Push-button ignition with its innovative technology will bring quite the ease in your life. Presently a lot of cars (affordable ones too!) come with a push-button start but if your car does not have one and you want to install one, there is not much you have to invest in.

Installing a push-button start costs between a round figure of $25 to $150 depending on your car’s type and the quality of installation procedure. The price also depends on the type of push-button you purchase. Material and quality always bring a change in price. I highly recommend going for a good quality one. This might cost you a couple of extra dollars but reliability would be guaranteed.

What is Push Start Button Installation Cost?

Push-button ignition is not only the new trend but its functionality has proven of quite a utility. Even the cars that do not have a keyless ignition are brought towards this innovative technology because of its efficacy and convenience. You can, of course, install a push-button start in any car nowadays. The installation cost will be determined by the region you live in. For example, prices differ in Europe and the USA.

If you have a luxury car then push-button start installation process, might cost up to $100 given the type of your car. The price also depends on the model of car and the year it was manufactured in. However, if your car is just another family car or a not-so-luxury one, the cost drops down to $20-$50. The installation cost is majorly decided based on the country and region you live in.

How to Convert Your Car to Push-Button Start

How to converting key ignition to push-button start?

A push-button start ignition system is not that hard to install if you have the right equipment. Working with the ignition system of a car can be an intricate process that can be tough to handle if you are new at this. Follow the right instructions and make sure to get the right tools so you may operate smoothly.

To install a push-button, start and make your car have a keyless ignition you will need a push-button start kit. Without this, you can make it happen. The kit comes with a user manual that has step-by-step instructions that will help you throughout the process. The user manual would also have a diagram explaining the placement and connection of each wire. There are 6 wires red (12V), black is grounded, yellow is positioned on Lois, white is power start.

wires push button start
  • If you do not have a diagram make one using a 12volt tester. Believe me, it will make the process a lot easier. Use your key and tester to check the fast power. If 12 volts are shown on the tester you can find the prime 3 or power on.
  • Repeat the process to mark each wire.
  • Then find the green wire which will be connected with the brakes
  • Once you have marked each wire you will be able to attach them accordingly to set up a keyless ignition system.

How to Install a Push-Button Ignition on Your Car?

Presently, most of the cars come with a push-button start however, if your car does not have this feature you can install it with not much hassle. All you will be needing is a push-button kit that has everything you need along with a step by the step instruction manual.

You will require

  • A multimeter
  • wire stripper
  • soldering iron
  • electrical tape
  • 10mm spanner
  • Screwdriver
  • Push-button start kit


  1. Remove the staring cover (above and bottom)
  2. Switch your multimeter to DC and place the right on ignition harness and left pin on a grounded surface to check the voltage. Make sure to rotate the key to test the voltage.
  3. Once you have marked all the wires using the diagram its time to crank up the engine. Turn the key to start it and check the voltage using the multimeter.
  4. Now use the 10mm spanner to disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery.
  5. Using the wire stripper remove some of the insulation of the wires and make a hole in them.
  6. Use the instructions manual to locate the corresponding wire that has to go through the hole you just made. Repeat for all the wires.
  7. Find the brake switch wires and connect the ring transponder to it to complete the connection.
  8. Connect both systems with a regular transponder.
  9. Put back all the covers and wires in their place and voila!

How to Replace the Push-Button Start With a Key?

Push-button start, being an electric device, can have problems in it which requires replacement. Now the replacement of a push button with a key can be very overwhelming as it is a tricky process. The expensive replacement cost makes the whole thing quite cost-prohibitive. Keyless ignition is comprised of a key fob and an ECM. There is a specific and unique key for an ECM which has to match, foremost it would not work. The ignition system that previously existed has to be reprogrammed for your newly replaced key ignition system to work. Make sure to swap the previous ignition. If that is not the case then hope for the wiring and harness plug to match; also, the MAF and other sensors must be in coordination

Push-Button Start Kit For Classic Cars

If you are looking for replacing your regular key ignition with a push start one you will be needing to push-start kit. There is a difference between these kits for classic cars are luxury cars.

EASY GUARD EC004 Smart RFID Car Alarm System Push Engine Start Button & Keyless Go System is a great choice if you are getting a keyless system for your classic ride. It is a simple one to go ideally with classic rides especially with DC12V petrol cars. The contains 2 regular transponders tag and 1 card like transponder

The RFID technology will provide you with better security as classic cars lag on that feature. With this kit, your ignition system will be way convenient to use there will be no need to use a key for starting and stopping the car.

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Push-Button Start Kit For Classic Cars

What Are The Disadvantages of a Push-Button Start in Cars?

The push-button start will change your life by bringing the ease of keyless ignition but at the same time, there will be some disadvantages that will make you reconsider your choices. Push-button start does not have a key instead it works with a fob.

A lost fob means you cannot get in

The biggest problem with a push-button start is the fob misplacement. In case you lose the fob you will not be able to open or start the car. You will need professional assistance to unlock and start your car and the whole keyless ignition system would have to be changed.

Lack of Proper Training

Not knowing what you are doing can ruin anything either it’s a gadget or a vehicle itself. Working with a fob and push-button start requires proper training of how to start and shut down the vehicle. if you are not aware of the mechanism and its working, you would end up ruining it.

Battery Problems

Wireless systems are based on batteries which creates a problem of running out of batteries. In case of a fob running put of batteries the system entirely shuts off and you can’t get in the vehicle or be able to start. A lot of drivers of cars with a keyless ignition system are unaware of how to override the system if such a thing happens.