How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car?

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car Door?

How to Fix a Tiny Dent in a Car?

Getting small dents on your vehicle is no big deal. You do not have to spend big bucks to get them fixed. Here a couple of methods that you can use to get rid of the dents in your car:

Plunger Method

You can easily fix a small dent in a car door with a plunger. You need to wet the edges of the plunger cup first to ensure a perfect vacuum so pressure can be created. Place it on the dent and start to push and pull until the dent flattens out. It is an old technique but works great.

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Dry Ice Method

To repair a small dent in the car door using dry ice, you will be needing dry ice (of course) and your protective gloves and goggles. If you don’t have gloves, simply use a thick towel but avoid touching it with bare hands.  Heat the dented part of the vehicle with a heat gun or hairdryer, and gently rub dry ice on it until it pops out.

Using a Dent Puller Kit

Using a dent puller kit is another easy way to get rid of dents but this process might be a little time-consuming. Here is the Manelord Dent Puller Tool Kit along with the supplies in it and the method to use this kit:

  • Glue Puller Tabs
  • Glue Shovel
  • Hot glue gun
  • Release agent
  • Crossbar puller
  • Suction cup for lifting dent puller

Apply some hot glue on to a glue puller tab and place it on to the dented surface for around 20-30 seconds. Take the cross-bar puller and unscrew the center knob’s top so you can place it onto the tab glued to the dent. Then screw the top back on until the tab fully pulls out the dent. Make sure to slowly tighten the knob to ensure the dent is completely gone. To remove any glue residues, use a releasing agent. This will prevent your car’s paint. Suction cup and other tools come in handy if your dent is relatively larger.

Instant DIY Dent Puller

Instead of getting expensive paint and dent-removal jobs, you can make a DIY dent puller to remove dents from the car door panel. For this, you will need a wooden cork, nails or screws, and a hot glue gun because any DIY project is incomplete without it. Next, insert two nails/screws horizontally into the cork so that they conjoin and confront each other. Apply glue on one end of the cork and stick it to the dented surface. After it has dried up, pull it from the nails to pop out the dent.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Small Dent?

How much to Fix a Small Dent?

I often get asked about the expenses of removing a dent from a vehicle. There is no specific number. It all depends on various factors include:

  • The model and type of vehicle
  • Diameter of dent
  • Depth of dent
  • Condition of the dented surface (scratched up paint)
  • Position of dent (the accessibility to the back of the dent)

The cost of the de-denting process might also be affected by what area you are getting the job done from. Usually, auto part shops and mechanics from the upstate places charge more than the ones in downtown. On average a dent repair (unpainted) from an expert professional can cost you around 100-150$ in the USA.

How to Remove Small Dents from Car Bodywork?

To fix a minor dent on the car bodywork, you will be needing the following things:


Strip the dented surface down to the metal with the help of an angle grinder and black wheel. Make sure to have the matching primer (candy of metallic). Wipe the stripped metallic surface with rage and mineral spirits to remove grease and dust. Once the area is clean, weld studs along the creases at about two inches apart in the ding’s center. For your ease, you can follow the contours of the dent.

Now that all the studs have been welded, use a slide hammer to pull the dent out. Begin with more shallow dents and work your way to the deeper ones. After removing the dents, cut off the studs and flatness them down with an angle grinder. You can repeat this procedure for tougher dents that won’t go away in the first try. Use a regular hammer to even out any bumps.

After the dents are removed, you need to fix the body paint. Start by applying body filler to fill any divots created during the process. It will ensure an even paint. Usually, it takes around 3 rounds to get that perfectly even layer of the body filler. Next, sand up the surface to even it out using a sanding block or 80 grit sandpaper. Once evened out complete, move onto 400 grit wet sanding for a smoother and scratch-free look. Then wipe it out with mineral spirits and leave to dry. Get a primer similar to the original factory color for a perfect match and apply it evenly. You would want to do that in layers for better results. Make sure to sand with 400 and 600 grit sandpaper between each layer. Finish off with a clear topcoat.

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car Hood

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car Bonnet?

Small dents are not as much of a problem as the big ones. You can easily fix them with the help of a long metal rod and rubber knockdown. As the dent is on the bonnet you can reach it from inside as well.

To remove the dent, push from the inside of the bonnet with the help of a metal rod and also apply force on the dented surface using the rubber knockdown at the same time. To reduce the effort of pushing, place a piece of wood under the rod to easily push the rod upwards. This is one of the best DIY methods to remove a dent from the vehicle hood.

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car with Hot Water?

Using hot water for fixing small dents is an old technique but remember it only works for the plastic surface as it is easy to mold and fix it; hot water wouldn’t do much to metal. If you got a minor dent in the plastic bumper of your car, don’t sweat it much. Using hot water and a reliable technique you can fix it in no time.

Pour boiling water straight from the kettle onto the dented part of the bumper and immediately push from the inside. As the water will make the dented part soft, it would be easier to push the divot out. You can use a rubber hammer (TEKTON Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet) to apply force from the inside for an easier de-denting maneuver. This method works great for plastic bumpers.

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car Bumper?

Nowadays most cars have plastic bumpers. For a small dent in the plastic bumper repair, hairdryer and compressed air method is one the easiest and most reliable method. Another great thing about this method is that it is the DIY method for small dents removal from plastic bumpers.

Use the hairdryer to heat the dented surface evenly until it starts to soften. As soon as the dented surface becomes soft, spray-on compressed air (use a spray can for this). The sudden change in temperature will result in the dent to pop up. As for small dents in plastic bumper repair, you can also use boiling water for heating the dented part. However, use the boiling water method only for the parts which are accessible on the inside of the dent like a bumper.

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car Metal?

Dents in metallic surfaces are comparatively hard to deal with but with a couple of DIY methods and using the right technique you can fix them too. Here is an easy and super quick method to remove a dent from a metallic surface especially vehicles:

You will need a vacuum cleaner for creating suction that will in turn pull out the dent. Take a small bucket and drill a hole in its bottom which is where the vacuum pipe will be inserted. Next, apply hot glue around the hole in the bottom after putting the vacuum pipe in there to ensure it is airtight. Now place the whole DIY bucket-vacuum thing on the dented surface of the vehicle and seal the edged with some hot glue to keep it as well. Once you have had the whole set up start the vacuum cleaner. The pressure created in there will create a pull that will remove the (small) dent.

How to Repair a Small Dent in a Car?

Cars get dented all the time. It does not have to be someone else’s fault. A few days back I parked my car in the car porch and ended up denting the door of the driver’s seat because I opened the door too wide despite knowing there was a ladder there. Nothing to worry about as it can be repaired in no time.

Place a suction cup dent puller on the dented part of the car and pull the handle to create a vacuum inside the cup which will generate a pull and hence, pop out the dent. I highly recommend using the YOOHE Black Aluminum Suction Cup Dent Puller Handle Lifter.

It has the following features which will provide you value for money and fix your dent with minimum effort and zero damage to the vehicle.

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