Learn How to Use a High Lift Jack like a Pro!

Although high lift jacks may seem small in size, they offer high versatility in a vast range of activities. The jack is ideal for lifting, fencing, winching your vehicle and clamping tires. The jack can do both pushings and pull swiftly. The stud is commonly used on tall or off-road vehicles such as jeeps, mining trucks, and land rovers. It can survive harsh environments like deserts, mountains, farmland and the jungle. I bet this is one piece of equipment you must have if your vehicle doesn’t feel drifts or bumps.

Compared to other jacks such as electric jacks, high lift jacks can lift greater height. Before going on that trip with your truck, ensure you have one. The jacks come in different types and designs, but the purpose is the same. For farmers, the jack can be used to get enormous obstacles out of the way and making the barbed wire more stiff during fencing.

Let’s take a look at how the high lift jack work

A high lift jack can be a hazardous device if safety precautions are not taken into consideration. The higher your vehicle is lifted, the lower the stability of your jack. The terrain can also determine the level of security.

Its working mechanism is similar to that of a ladder. It works on a mechanical ratchet system where the two clips gradually lift and lower the jack as you pull the handle downward. A long central I-beam is punched with holes that act as a ladder to the jack. It slides along the I-beam to lower or lift the load.

With a single stroke, whether down or up the pin locks in place securing the load. Each stroke moves the jack on step up or down the bar just like climbing up or down a ladder. When the handle is pulled down, the climbing pin is disengaged. The apparatus which wraps around the I-beam moves up one notch, and the pin re-engages as it slides into the next hole.

On the opposite side of the handle is a hooked shoe that makes contact with the vehicle. The continued pulling of the handle up and down moves the mechanism up the beam, thus lifts the car.

Here are the simple steps you should know when using a high lift jack

These steps explain how to use a high lift jack on a jeep or how to use a high lift jack in a four runner. The procedure is the same for all heavy machinery.

1 Place the jack base plate on a flat and hard surface. This ensures the jack is stable and firm on the ground. If the soil is not hard enough, the jack may sink on the field during lifting. High lift jacks are designed with a narrow base. An off-road base perfectly fits on the bottom of the stud and widens it for a steadier lift.
2 Check the upper plate and make sure it is in the right position to lift your vehicle. You should also know your lift points. Many off-road vehicles have a solid steel bumper which is ideal for this purpose.
3 Check the lifting mechanism it should be in the upward moving position. This is to ensure the vehicle is lifted. When the lifting device is in the opposite or downward, it lowers the car.
4 Then start pulling the jack handle in the downside, the ratchet moves step by step and jack starts moving upward.
5 Lift it to the desired height and do your work. Carefully return the handle to the upright position and hold it in place against the beam with the handle clip. It is also advisable to support your load with jack stands for safety.
6 After completing the work move the lifting mechanism in the reverse position and again pulling the handle up and down the jack start moving downward. This is the opposite of lifting. The ratchet goes down step by step. The slider will automatically return to the bottom of the beam when the load is less than 150 pounds. This is how to lower a hi-lift jack safely after use.

For those who have been wondering how to use a high lift jack on a truck or how to use a high lift jack to change a tire! The above steps are all you need to follow. You will quickly lift your vehicle and change a tire easily.

I know you are thinking now about using your high lift jack as a winch, So let’s discuss this:

A hi-lift jack can be used as a winch with some additional components. It can be used to stabilize a rig in bad winching or pull you out of the muck. Turn your high lift into a complete winching device you will need components like a nose attachment, chain, and gears. When buying the jack, the company provides a hi-lift winch kit for purchase which includes the following elements:

  • Winch tensioner
  • Nose attachment
  • Strap and gloves
  • Gear bag

Although it comes at an extra cost, but it is more affordable than buying a regular winch. The regular winch might be better and useful, but it is expensive to purchase and maintain. And take a wild guess! If you have a proper winch, you will still need the hi-lift as a stabilizer.

Here is the procedure of how to use a high lift jack as a winch

1 Top clump must be in line with the bar before starting the process. Securely attach one end of the chain or tie strap to the vehicle to be winched and the other end to the top clump of the jack. The base of the jack should be facing away from the car.
2 Take another strap and secure one end to a fixed, stable object and the other around the lifting nose of the jack. Remember if you are fixing with a tree, you should not tie the chains on it, use a strap to link on the tree then connect to the chain. This is an essential safety precaution.
3 Move the handle in a similar way you would when lifting a vehicle. Be keen to follow the process on how to lower hi raise jack safely. Loosens the chains after moving your car to the desired position. You have successfully winched your vehicle.

How to use a high lift jack youtube video Illustration

This is what you need. If you can hardly understand the working of a high lift jack without illustration, we got you covered. All you need is to open your eyes and ears and watch keenly to grasp the working mechanism.

This video shows how to use a high lift jack for recovery, lifting and other works. This video has a detailed step by step illustration. The video also shows how to lower hi raise jack safely without causing damage to the jack or the vehicle.

To increase the durability and longevity of a jack, you have to take good care of it. Next, are some of the routine maintenance practices you should take into consideration.

Maintenance and safety tips when using a high lift jack

If you want to keep your jack in good working condition for an extended period here are some few points you need to keep in mind.

  • Clean your high lift jack
    • It is general knowledge a high lift jack is used off-road and must always get dirty. Although the jack is rustproof, dirt may cause some damage to the moving parts. The ideal equipment to clean a jack is using a pressure washer or compressed air. A stiff brush can also do in removing stuck debris. If there is any rust clean with a lubricant.
  • Always lubricate the jack
    • The ratcheting mechanism should be lubricated for smooth operation, which also prevents binding. The parts which need a lubricant include the pins, the sheer bot, and the bar. A silicon or light lubricant is ideal for this purpose.
  • Proper storage
    • High lift jack should always be kept indoors for protection from weather elements. The I-beam should stay locked with the handle, and as well the reversing latch should remain in the upward position.


Do you know you cannot call for roadside assistance in the jungle! If your car got tall suspensions, big tires, and the great outdoors, make sure you’ve got an excellent high-lift jack along for the ride.

High lift jack is a handy tool in your tough time during driving. It can help change tires, winch a stuck vehicle or fencing. You can use it in different ways, depending on your needs. In short, if you love traveling by car, jeep or other four-wheelers then Hi-lift jack should be your companion. We hope this article has been of help to you. Make sure you observe safety.