List of 10 Best Selling Truck Bed Ramps

Best Selling Truck Bed Ramps

Purchasing ramps is quite an intimidating process. There are tons of things that one has to consider while looking for a decent piece of the ramp. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of hardware, and you will probably end up buying a brittle ramp that would collapse on the third go or so, which is exactly why research is important. The following list will provide you top 10 best truck bed ramps which help ease the hectic process of looking for a great piece of equipment. But first, here are some points to consider before you step into the towing supply store.

Points to Remember before Buying

1. Loading capacity

Something that you need to consider before everything is to look for truck bed ramps with a high weight capacity. It is imperative as trucks are heavy vehicles with uneven weight distribution, which requires a heavy-duty ramp for lifting and transportation. If the ramp does not support enough weight, it might collapse during the operation. Not only purchasing a new one would be a strain on the budget, but it might injure you in many ways.

2. Dimensions of the ramp

As a loading ramp for truck, the ramp needs to be long-only, then it would be able to provide sufficient lift for the vehicle and deliver and easy transportation process. However, here is where you need to be careful the ramp must not be too long, or it will bend and might break and, neither too short to not even fulfill the transportation need. The width, on the other hand, has to be enough for the truck tires to fit on to them. Too much width will only create storage problems.

3. Surface

There are two types of surfaces for ramps, perforated and serrated. The serrated ones are comprised of equally distanced metal bars with a jagged surface for better grip. However, a better choice for truck bed ramps is to go for a perforated ramp. A perforated punch plate works the best for truck bed ramps as it provides maximum traction and works great for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

4. Storage and loading

At the time of purchasing any equipment, always consider your storage capacity. If your garage does not have enough space, purchasing a bulky piece of equipment can be troublesome. To deal with this problem, go for a foldable ramp. They are the new arrival in the market and work great for small storage spaces. With their compact design, you can easily carry them here and there or even make these ramps your travel partner.

List of 10 Best Truck Bed Ramps






Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2


Yaheetech Pair Aluminum Truck Bed Ramps


Motorhot Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp


MotoAlliance VD-4289AT Aluminum Ramp


Guardian Dual Runner Ramps


Five Star Aluminum Ramp Set


Smartxchoices Pair Truck Bed Ramps


Titan Wide Aluminum Truck Bed Ramp


SUNCOO Loading Ramp for Truck Beds


Yutrax TX500 Truck Bed Loading Ramp

1. Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2

These ramps with dual runner arched design support weight up to 750lbs; with a serrated surface, these ramps provide high traction. The curved build makes this piece f equipment great for loading and unloading vehicles like ATVs, lawn mowers on the truck beds. The caps at the bottom keep the ramp from slipping on wet surfaces and sinking into the mud, so it offers quite a practical use.

  • FoldablenEasy storagenSturdy buildnLightweightnCorrosion-resistantnThe arched design delivers excellent traction
  • Weak craftmanshipnNot suitable for wheelchair

2. Yaheetech Pair Aluminum Truck Bed Ramps

It is an excellent choice for truck bed ramp for UTV. These ramps support weight around 1500lbs, which makes it great for supporting vehicles like trailers, trucks, ATVs, lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc. The ramp is made from good quality aluminum which makes it lightweight and weather resistant. The design is comprised of rubber tips and 3 caps, which makes it safe for use.

  • High loading capacitynSafe designnRubber tips and safety straps included.nPractical design
  • Poor welding job

3. Motorhot Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp

As truck bed ramps for ATVs, these ramps would work great. High weight capacity of 1500lbs and a 7.5’ perforated plate makes them quite suitable for lifting heavy vehicles. Another highlighted feature of this ramp is that it is foldable, which means easy storage. After folding the ramp’s dimensions of 91″x11.5″ decreases to 45.5″x11.5″x6″ which is almost half of its original size. Sold as pair, these ramps work great with bulky vehicles.

  • High weight capacitynFoldablenPortable designnSold as pairnSafety straps and rubber tips
  • Poor finish with sharp edges that might hurt younLow-quality safety straps

4. MotoAlliance VD-4289AT Aluminum Ramp

With a serrated surface and a weight capacity of 1500lbs, this heavy-duty ramp works the best for heavy vehicles like trucks trailer and ATVs. The premium quality aluminum does not only make it durable but also saves it from the war and tear from harsh weather conditions. With rubber tipped caps, thesauruses are safe to work with.

  • No assembling required nHigh loading capacitynSafety straps are included
  • FlexiblenSlips on wet surfaces

5. Guardian Dual Runner Ramps

A great choice for truck bed ramps for side by side, these ramps also work great for heavy vehicles like lawnmowers, snowblowers, ATVs, etc. The rungs are spaced at 3.5″ and have a serrated texture that provides grip and keeps the ramps stable during the loading and unloading procedure. The sturdy aluminum body makes it suitable for using it in any weather condition; the ramp won’t rust or corrode in any way.

  • LightweightnPermanent mounting option available (4” lip included)nDurable nSold in pair
  • Short rampnPoor welding job

6. Five Star Aluminum Ramp Set

This set of ramps has a high-quality alloy construction with serrated plates for each ramp for better traction. This USA-made piece of equipment is quite reliable for its construction and functionality. They are 60 inches long and can lift a weight from about 5000lbs to 10,000lbs. This makes it quite suitable for heavy vehicles.

  • Good craftsmanship nHigh qualitynHigh weight capacitynDurable designnSold in pair
  • Poor finishingnToo expensive

7. Smartxchoices Pair Truck Bed Ramps

This ramp set works great for truck bed ramp for lawn mowers as this ramp can load up to 1500lbs (750lbs per each ramp). The high-quality aluminum provides strength and stability to the structure, which makes it suitable for regular use. The arched design of the ramp creates better traction and reduces abrasion. 3 caps at the bottom with rubber tips improve safety and make the maneuver more stable and secure. 

  • High-quality buildnHigh weight capacitynSafe design with anti-slip technologynRust protected exteriornFoldablenSafety straps (inclusive)
  • Low-quality weldingnUnsuitable for heavy use

8. Titan Wide Aluminum Truck Bed Ramp

These ramps are made of aluminum with a weight capacity of 2700lbs (distributed). The middle ramp has a thick 4 beam design, which makes it sturdy for lifting heavy vehicles. The build of these ramps makes them a great choice for truck bed ramps for motorcycles. The serrated surface provides greater traction, which makes the loading and unloading smooth.

  • Unique designn2700lbs capacitynLightweightnWeather-resistantnSafety straps are included
  • Slipping complaintsnTerrible shipping

9. SUNCOO Loading Ramp for Truck Beds

Truck bed Ramps for side by side should be long enough. This ramp has a length of 7.5ft and a weight capacity of 1500lbs which would work perfectly for heavy vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, etc. The high strength alumni build this ramp lightweight and prevent rusting or any type of corrosion, so your equipment would last long. The arched body of the ramp creates better traction and provides stability during the process; it is comprised of serrated plates that offer grip and makes the operation safer.

  • High weight capacitynSafety straps are included.nWelding manual includednMultipurpose
  • Clamps are missingnStraps are hard to attach

10. Yutrax TX500 Truck Bed Loading Ramp

Due to their high weight capacity of 200lbs, they make great truck bed ramps for lawn mowers ramps. The sturdy aluminum body makes them quite reliable fore lifting vehicles like snow blowers and ATVs too. The double-jointed design provides the ease of storing and caring, so it is quite potable. You do not have to worry about slipping as it locks in its place once it is unfolded. The rungs of the ramp have a small gap in them, which is why it works great for vehicles with small tires like lawnmowers. 

  • Double-jointed designnHigh weight capacitynSafe buildnLightweightnSturdy and reliable
  • Hard to fold and unfold

Final Thoughts

Among all these ramps, Rage Powersports is the right choice as it has a lot to offer. But you need to check all the above things we have mentioned above before buying and then buy that ramp which suits best to your requirements.