Motorcycle Carb Cleaners – The Best Carburetor Cleaner (Buying Guide)

Carburetor cleaners are cleaning agents formulated with tough ingredients that are used for cleaning carburetors. These sprays are used for any varnish, sluggish gums or other greasy residues that are stuck in your carburetor and compromising its functionality. Carb cleaner sprays can be usually available in an aerosol spray can, and are quite effective for cleaning the carburetor thoroughly, so your vehicle keeps running smoothly and efficiently.

Types of Carb cleaners

Generally, there are two types of carb cleaner, chlorinated and non-chlorinated. They are quite harmful either way as they contain toxic agents tough enough to dissolve stubborn grease and gum in the carburetor.

Chlorinated vs Non-Chlorinated



More toxic

Less toxic

Contains Methylene Chloride (MeCl), Perchloroethylene (Perc), and/or Trichloroethylene (TCE)

Doe not contain any chlorine compound or chlorine itself

Hydrocarbons are absent

Contain acetate compounds, isopropyl alcohol and other hydrocarbons

Harmful for the environment

Environmental-friendly sprays

Less flammable

Highly flammable

Quick dry formula

Takes more time to dry

As purchasing the right cleaner for the machinery of a vehicle is quite daunting when you have so many options. Here is a narrowed down list of top ten motorcycle carburetor cleaners for you to make this process easier.

List of Top 10 Motorcycle Carb Cleaner






WD-40 Specialist Carb Cleaner


CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner


Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner


Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner


Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner


Gunk M4814/6 Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner


STA-BIL 22303 Cleans Carbs and Injectors


Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor


STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer


Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 Carburetor Tune-Up Cleaner

1. WD-40 Specialist Carb Cleaner

It is considered as an all-in-one carb cleaner for motorcycles as it helps you get rid of the whole throttle body, carburetor and any other unpainted parts of the air induction system. By getting rid of all the build-ups, it improves the performance of the engine (at high RPM) without effecting the oxygen sensor or catalytic converters. It breaks down the carbon deposits and can be used on vehicles like bikes, boats, lawnmowers etc.

  • Suitable for heavy lawn vehicles and bikesnDoes not damage the catalytic converternUniversal tipnPowerful cleaning formula
  • Parts missing complaints

2. CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner

This one is among the affordable motorcycle carb cleaners. It has a strong volatile organic compound (VOC) base with effective cleaning agents that dissolve even the most viscous oil and grease from the air induction system. With its fast-acting formula, you can have a clean vehicle with improved power in no time. It is a non-chlorinated carb cleaner which means you can clean your automobile’s carburetor without having to worry about harming the environment or your lungs.

  • Fast actionnEnvironment friendlynLow volatilitynUS EPA and California (VOC) requirements are metnHarmless for oxygen sensors and catalytic convertor
  • Low-quality shipping

3. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Chevron is a renowned name when it comes to motorcycle carb cleaners. This particular cleaner is formulated with strong cleaning agents which is great for cleaning the fuel system and all in all. Restore the lost power of your vehicle by getting rid of all the grease and dirt trapped in the carburetor, fuel injectors valves etc. and improve the fuel efficiency of your car. It is recommended to use after every 3000miles. This particular one is considered one of the best carburetor cleaners.

  • Ideal for cleaning the entire fuel systemnRestores performance of the vehiclenCleans toughest gums and oils
  • ExpensivenFunnel (not included)

4. Gumout 800002230 Carb and Choke Cleaner

This is one of the best carburetor cleaners because of its quick-remove technology that acts fast on the greasy build up in the carburetor and dissolves even the most stubborn ones of them. It does not only clean up all the mess in the choke valves and other parts of the fuel system but also restore the lost efficiency; it reaches down in the curved spots and clean thoroughly to improves fuel consumption.

  • Helps in tackling the problem of startling and high exhaust emissionsnQuick cleaning actionnQuick-dry formula
  • Poor shippingnSpray tip is easily breakable

5. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

When it comes to motorcycle carb cleaners, the biggest concern is, if it will damage the insides of the vehicle. This carb cleaner is an innovative formula based on high and low-temp detergents of intense concentration which will run through the carburetor and remove any gum, sluggish or carbon deposits and varnish formation leading to improved engine performance. It makes fuel efficiency better and improves gasoline stability. Red Line has a prominent name in automobile supplies market which makes this carb cleaner a worthy purchase.

  • Fast cleaning technologynDoes not corrode engine partsnImproves engine performancenFuel consumption is reducednRemoves the most stubborn deposits
  • CostlynIt is not compatible with all vehicles

6. Gunk M4814/6 Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner

Carb cleaner for motorcycles should have concentrated compounds strong enough to dissolve the gum build-up in carburetor and vales etc. This cleaner has an innovative formula based on compounds that would quickly dissolve the gums and baked carbon deposits in hard-to-reach places in the fuel system.

  • Fast-acting compoundsnRemoves all kinds of gum, varnish, grease
  • Problems with the aerosol

7. STA-BIL 22303 Cleans Carbs and Injectors

It is the right choice among the best carburetor cleaners as it helps you fix an old car engine that went out of order because of the massive gum build-up and grease in the valves. The best thing about this cleaner is that you do not have to resemble the part back in; it works great on a whole system as it is. It does clean not only the system but also prevent any problems caused by ethanol-based fuels. It is a reliable carb cleaner made in the USA which Is great for almost all kinds of vehicles.

  • USA-madenTreats ten gallonsnFixes engine problems caused by ethanol mixed fuelnRemove tough build-ups
  • Expensive

8. Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor

It is a carb cleaner dip formulated with compounds that work effectively on almost every material including plastic, rubber metals, alloys and painted surfaces. It acts fast and removes persistent thick gum and grease stuck to the engine parts and improves the performance of the vehicle. This carb cleaner dip meets the requirements of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in all 50 states of the USA, which means it’s okay for the environment too.

  • Quick-acting formulanSuitable and safe for all materialsnVOC approved in all USA
  • Not very effectivenTerrible shipping

9. STP Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

The deep cleaning action of this carb cleaner works against the toughest build-ups in the valves, combustion chamber and injectors of the fuel injection system. With its deep cleanser action, it improves the performance of the engine and fuel consumption by removing ethanol deposits. It is compatible with a capless fuel system and works great with turbo and hybrid vehicles. The bottle has three times more (95%) cleaning compounds than the leading gasoline, which removes almost 61% of toxic deposits.

  • Deep cleaning technologynImproves the performances of the vehiclenFuel efficiency improvesnStrong formula with 95% of cleaning agents
  • Poor shipmentnEasy spillage

10. Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 Carburetor Tune-Up Cleaner

This motorcycle carb cleaner comes in an aerosol spray can which makes it easy to use. It is great for purging out all the excess gum and sluggish build up in the valves and combustion chambers of fuel induction systems. This spray works great for gasoline engines only. You can clean all varnished parts of your motorcycle, including steel and iron. Using this spray will not only clean the insides of your bike but also restore its lost efficiency.

  • Suitable for steel and iron varnished surfacesnIdeal for gasoline enginesnRemoves stubborn gum deposits in the carb
  • Unsuitable for diesel engine

Things to look for when buying a carb cleaner

  • Safety

Sprays with large tight cans are safer to use; as for the formula non-chlorinated ones are safer, so use the chlorinated ones occasionally (only when the other one won’t work).

  • HEST rating

The HEST rating of the carb cleaner should be high as it boosts the efficiency of the vehicle and makes the ride smoother.

  • Speed and effectiveness

Carb cleaners take time to start their action; looking for a quick action formula will speed up the process. As for effectiveness, use one with stronger ingredients for better results.

Mostly asked FAQs

Can you use wd40 as carb cleaner?

Wd40 is an all-in-one aerosol spray used for cleaning carburetors and other parts of the engine including the throttle body and painted parts leaving behind a deeply cleansed vehicle which restores the lost power of the automobile and improves the consumption of fuel. The strong solvent contains concentrated cleaning agents to dissolve even the toughest of deposits in your air induction system. Wd40 meets the requirements of VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) in all 50 states of the USA, so it is quite safe to use as it does not harm the oxygen sensors or the catalytic convertor.

How to clean a carburetor without removing it?

Removing carburetor for cleaning can be quite troublesome as it contains small parts that often get lost during the process, so people are looking out on ways to clean carburetor without having to remove it. The answer is Yes!

  • All you have to do it is removing air box or pod filters; do not worry as they can be easily reinstalled.
  • Once it is removed, you get easy access to the butterfly valves (back of the carburetor).
  • Now remove the carburetor bowl at the bottom which is attached with screws in the centre of the carburetor.
  • Turn off the petcock to avoid gasoline leakage.
  • Once everything is exposed, spray carb cleaner after every few minutes to loosen up the deposits.
  • If it still seems like it is not clear enough to remove the float (a rocket-shaped part on the top). You can check the float’s functionality by submerging it in water to check if it floats; if not, get a new one.
  • Getting the float off will reveal the jets. They get clogged pretty fast, so clean them thoroughly.
  • After this even spray the carb cleaner over the carburetor and clean it up.
  • Put back all the parts and voila!

How to make your own carb cleaner? 

DIYing is always more economical, easy and accessible, but there are few things you need to keep in mind. Cleaning machinery with a homemade cleansing solution, especially carburetors is susceptible because high concentrated and wrong solutions can damage the machinery. Make sure never to use vinegar on the carburetor as Hydrogen gas (highly flammable) starts to emit. Here is an easy way of making a safe DIY carb cleaner at home:

Take 3-parts lemon juice and 1-part water (3:1) in a pot. Bring it to a boil and place all the parts of the carburetor in that mixture. Make sure to submerge them in it completely. Boil for 30min ONLY. Do not over boil or the carburetor will get damaged. To be on the safe side, check after 15min. This is an effective solution as it makes your carburetor almost as good as new. If you have got clogged carb jets, this will help you tackle that.

Carb cleaner vs Brake cleaner

Carb cleaner

Brake cleaner

1. Some leftover residue

1. No residue

2. Stronger and more concentrated formula

2. Only chlorinated ones are strong and more effective

3. Suitable for all kinds of build, including carbon deposits

3. Ideal for removing grease and oily deposits

Where to spray carb cleaner?

Remove the carburetor and separate the parts. Vacuum everything to avoid and dust particle from hindering the process. Spray the whole carburetor with the carb cleaner spray and leave for a few mins. Repeat if needed. Make sure to spray inside the jets and valves. Once you are done cleaning, start the vehicle and spray down the throat of the carb and wait. The engine will react to the spray after which you have to turn off the engine. Spray on the outer surface of the carburetor and leave for a few minutes. Make sure to do it slowly to get to those stubborn build-ups. Don’t forget to spray the air cleaner thoroughly. Once its all clear put back all the parts and your motorcycle are good as new.

Final thoughts

CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner is the recommended carb cleaner for motorcycles because along with the affordable price, it has a strong volatile organic compound base with effective cleaning agents. It is a non-chlorinated carb cleaner with fast-acting formula.