The Ultimate Guide to Floor Jack Extension

Working on or owning a car? Well, it is normal to desire to be considered as a DIY person. Usually, garage stores need some must-have tools including wrenches, hammers, pliers, and screwdrivers. However, that hardly helps during big projects making it fit to include the most ignored tool, a floor jack. Even though it comes in handy, it becomes frustrating if you realize what you bought is not big enough to lift as needed. That is the reason this post is here to enable you to find the suitable jack extenders suiting your needs. Keep Reading!

Types Of Floor Jack Extension

Car breakdown and other issues arise anywhere. The good news is that although it is abrupt, there is a solution. Here are the main types of floor jacks available out there.

Homemade Floor Jack Extension

While shopping for jacks actually guarantees a maximum lift but sometimes you need it to move much higher. The good thing is that engineering a floor jack extension is one consideration to get you out of lifting related dangers. With enough creativity, it is possible to construct a handy and purpose-built one. Sometimes nerve-racking experiences come while on the road.

Homemade floor jack extensions
Homemade floor jack extensions

Purchasing would not work perfectly of course. if you make an extension and a skid pad then your operations could be smooth. Placing wood underneath the floor jack is one simple and safe method. Such an extension lifts both off-road vehicles and vehicles having large tires. The solution is not too pricey as it is made out of your preference.

Besides, this takes a shorter time and effort to take the wheels from the ground. It can be used multiple times without issues and the need for replacements. This is the most affordable option over purchasing the best designs for heavy jobs. The tool works fine especially if you need to jack the car higher.

Manufactured Jack Extension

Sometimes running to a designer or an extension seller is worth it. The reason is that you will fill your tool bag with original products. The bet here is that you get an efficient and strong lifter that handles heavy cars. Convenience is all you need when changing tires or fixing the brakes. So get something suitable for holding up any vehicle. You have no worries anymore even with heavyweight machine lifting.

Factory-made extensions get good consensus when it works well with existing jacks. Indeed, not all fit any other jack models unless it is well made. But when you need to use one on an existing jack, purchasing a floor jack lift pad is necessary. It never hurts if you chose to try both worlds. You can buy the standard designed one for your garage or quickly throw an extension at the back of your car.

How To Use A Floor Jack Extension

Jacking up a car is necessary when you need to change brake pads, tires or even oil. Even though the scissor jack comes with the car, it is hard to use. Alternatively, a floor jack will work quickly and easily to some heights. But this convenience is one thing, and safe is a different one. This is how to use a floor jack extension safely.

1. Work on a leveled ground.
Using a jack extension is quite a simple task. Once you have your purpose-built floor jack saddle, either manufactured or improvised, you can lift and lower the car. However, examine the working space to safely and painlessly do the job.

2. Chock the other tires
The initial step is to block and secure the tires of the car that are not to be lifted. If confirmed then cautiously slip the jack below the vehicle until it touches the undercarriage. The jack stands should be positioned well underneath, and alignment confirmed then raised steadily.

3. Align the jack and pump
In all cases, it is vital to position the extension with much stability to the desired height. Then maneuver the jack unit and place it under the vehicle, especially where you want to lift. This is important since if the saddle is pushed off-center, the scenario may not be good.

Align the Jack and pump

Slowly pump its handle to a firm contact and raise to a satisfactory working height. Jacks are generally different in design, but the best types can attain the workable height with just as few pumps. Some require only three pumps to lift or get ready to work.

If the floor jack extension saddle starts compressing the load, check the direction the jack is lifting the load. It should be vertical and without a lot of horizontal loading. Extreme horizontal loads can make the vehicle to slip off the jack while the extension is still in place.

lift the car using floor jack Extension

4. Lower the vehicle
Lowering the vehicle is now the reverse of this procedure using the floor jack extension handle. Keep in mind there is a potential danger during the use of extensions. So before initiating the process, plan well then carefully execute the job painlessly. Remember the tool does NOT match with all jack models, it wise to consider a floor lift pad as well. That way you get to have the best lifting experience than ever imagined.

How To Make Your Own Floor Jack Extension

Maintenance and repair are the leading reasons for purpose-built floor jacks. Now, the question usually is, should you buy or make one? The problem is most of the advertised types do not lift heavy and long vehicles to a desirable height. If you own a garage then you can plan for some DIY work for a floor jack extension for lifted trucks and enjoy an extra lift.

Requirement includes:

  • 1.5-inch round stock Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Drill
  • Measuring tools.

Start by turning the side sitting on the jacks saddle hole. Use the right method to get the aluminum stock to the needed size. Because your focus is on quality, aluminum is used as it has a reduced weight. For instance, opt for a measurement slightly above half an inch.

Then drill the end that you will fit the floor jack extension saddle into. The other end as usual, measures more than half an inch drill the hole as desired and nicely. You will notice the process is not too hard and ensure that the kit fits into another smoothly.

The drilled hole in the extension end should allow you to reach the cotter pin. That way, it is secured into the jack and aligned closely to the center line. Carefully test the part that you have made out. Check if the wood extension fits and holds the weight of your car. This can lift either a small or medium-sized vehicle without the fear of safety.

In case something breaks, there is a danger sign, perhaps a huge breakdown. While working wear safety gear like glasses, hats, and heavy jackets. The floor jack extension handle should work excellently for a long time and also fit the carrying case. Making this not only means will not only cut down costs but also strongly hold the weight of your car.

Well, skill sometimes is an exaggeration. You can make the extension using materials, including wood or welded metal. Regardless, having a floor jack extension for lifted trucks is really nice. Even more, the pieces will fly off the car and leave you feeling like your eyes are cracked.

List of Best Floor Jack Extension Saddle

The introduction of technology has made the floor jacks industry evolve in the latest years. In turn, the market has multiple and differently designed products and accessories. So choosing the perfect floor jack extension for lifted trucks is an overwhelming task. This is not the case anymore, here are some of the types you can comfortably pick out suiting your needs.

Product Dimensions Capacity Features

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8-inches long and 15-inch upgrade for taller vehicles. 2 ton and 3-ton options 8-inch Extension changes from 5inches to 8inches. This option works well for many off-road vehicles.

13inch Extension can adjust from 10inches to 15 inches. This works well as any other vehicle and buggies having huge tires.

Champ Floor Jack Height Extenders

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1-3/16 inches in diameter.
Heights: 1-3/8 inches, 2-3/4 inches, 3-3/4 inches, and 5 inches.
Increases lifting height to 5inches.
Light and heavy-duty
Four height options
Champ Floor Jack Height Extender

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1-3/16 inches
Height – 5 inches
Increases floor jack’s lifting height by five inches
Works well on most standard-sized jacks
Has additional sizes

Finally, car owners working as do-it-yourselfers, whether a novice or an expert, it is vital to have the right tools. Of course, getting your vehicle from the ground is a good place to start for stress-free repairs. You can save money by making your extension and enjoy improving your machine.

Hopefully, this guide informs you more about the floor jack extension saddle types in the marketplace. That way you can shop the best one for your needs from your favorite stores. Remember you will never go wrong considering any of the above equipment. In case what you choose does not fit right, DIY extensions are handy.