Top 4 American Made Floor Jack – USA JACK Manufacturer List

First things first, when buying a floor jack it is important to consider the quality. Most of the buyers usually consider the country of origin to rate its worthiness. The USA makes high-quality jacks compared to other countries from the Asian region.

You might be asking yourself why are products from the USA termed as high quality? Every automotive product in the country is strictly evaluated by the Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation before entering the market.

All these jacks are made in some specific system which ensures quality is maintained, improved durability, the safety of the user and longevity. There is little or no chance of failure with US-made floor jack compared to the 25 percent failure rate of jacks from other countries.

List of Best American Made Floor Jack

Hydraulic 2 Ton Jack

3-1/2 Ton Floor Jack

30 Ton Bottle Jack

12 Ton Bottle Jack

The Top American jack manufactures discussed herein comply with the Buy American act and Federal Acquisition Regulation provisions being 100 percent US-made.

Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack

Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack

  • 2-Ton Capacity
  • USA Made
  • Sealed hydraulic pump
  • Wide Frame and Base for Increased Stability
  • U-joint to allow precise control of the load

The Hein-Werner service jack is one of the most convenient equipment for lifting other equipment in a warehouse. It only requires a 5-inch allowance to slide underneath any truck, car or any equipment.

Not to mention the jack has a wide stance and a cast iron base to improve its strength and stability. The jack is safe with a pressure release valve which makes it reliable. A fine blue finishing gives it a sparkling look. This is one of the best jacks made in the USA to get your job done.3-1/2 ton Floor Jack – Heavy Duty

3-1/2 ton Floor Jack – Heavy Duty by ATE

3-Ton Floor Jack-Heavy Duty

  • Universal joint with dual return springs
  • A large saddle
  • 3-1/2 ton capacity
  • Ultra-quick lift mechanism
  • Lift range of 5-11/16 inch to a maximum of 19-11/16 inches
  • Very light weighing only 25pounds

This jack by ATE pro a perfect example of a complete brand made in the USA. Leave alone the amazing lift range from a minimum of 5 inches to a maximum of 19 inches the jack comes with dual pump mechanism which ensures rapid lifting. Just a few pumps and your equipment is lifted high enough to work on.

An oversized saddle is fitted on the jack to protect your equipment such as car chassis from dents. it gets better when it comes to handling and safety. The jack has a universal release joint to ensure precise control and safety of your equipment.


US JACK D-51127 30 Ton Bottle Jack Made In USA

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Body height of 11 1/8 inches which extends to 18- 1/8 inches
  • Heavy duty
  • 30-ton capacity

30-ton capacity? Yes, you heard that right. This amazing jack has a maximum capacity of 30 tons. you can imagine the size of the load it can lift. It is intended for heavy trucks, building construction and farm equipment. It comes with safety features to prevent damage in cases of over-travel featuring a stop ring and a fluid bypass. Whatever job you want to be done, this jack can withstand any damage.

This is a heavy-duty jack which is 100 percent American made. No wonder it supplies the U.S military, Lockheed Martin and Boeing are some of the biggest names in the world. We can all agree this is the best bottle jack to consider for heavy commercial work.

This jack works best for high profile lifting work. It, however, will not fit in lifting low profile equipment such as cars and small SUVs.

US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack

US JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack Made In USA

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Extended height if 15.25 inches
  • Maximum height of 19.5 inches with screw
  • Weighs 23 pounds

This is a heavy-duty 100% purely American made bottle jack with a maximum weight capacity of 12 tons. The jack features a ductile iron heavy-duty base which provides a wide surface area for stability and support. This ensures the safety of the lifted load and the person working around. It has built-in safety features which include a fluid bypass and a stop ring to ease functionality. The side handle allows portability and eases the handling.

We are not through yet, the jack is painted military green, black and red to give it an astonishing finish. If you have any heavy-duty equipment which needs lifting, this is the jack to look for.

List of USA JACK Manufacturers

  • Costco
  • Snap ON
  • Milwaukee Jack
  • Hein-Werner Automotive
  • US Jack


Costco is a global wholesaler and retailer with operations in 8 countries across the world. the company has a special section which offers garage and shop accessories. The main types of equipment are lifts and jacks.

You will not have to worry when you require a jack to help in car tire change or heavy-duty lifting. Costco got it all covered under one space. they provide efficient, safe and reliable American jacks of high quality.

The company offers both steel and aluminum floor jacks of high quality. On their top list jack sale is the “3-ton Professional Grade Aluminum and Steel, Service Jack.” The Arcan is one of the strongest lightweight floor jacks in the market today weighing only 58.3 pounds.

It makes lifting easier for do-it-yourselfers and professional mechanics. Costco offers amazing discounts and prices for high-quality equipment. The company is among the leading manufacturers and sellers of the USA Jack.

Snap ON

This company brings a wide range of lifting equipment and jacks. Their products are designed to ensure activities, tasks, and work are performed to perfection while accidents are prevented. The most common types of jacks found here are;

  • Lightweight Aluminum Service jacks
  • Hydraulic Service Jacks
  • Short chassis service Jacks

Snap ON is one of the best manufacturers in the USA you should consider for a variety of high-quality jacks.

Milwaukee Jack

This company has specialized in manufacturing service jacks since the year 1964. Talk of experience, quality and reliability, you will get it from Milwaukee hydraulics.

The types of jacks manufactured here are;

  • service jacks
  • lift systems
  • universal jacks
  • jack stands
  • hand jacks

All jacks are built with high standards to last longer. The company has service depots all over the USA as well as Canada.

Hein-Werner Automotive

This company is the perfect image of USA manufactured jacks. All the lifting equipment is designed and crafted to ensure high quality and act as insurance to the customers for many years of service.

All their jacks and products are assembled and manufactured in the US. The prices for the products are competitive.

Different types of jacks are manufactured by this company which include;

  • service jacks
  • long chassis service jacks
  • transmission jacks and accessories
  • forklift jacks
  • truck axle jacks and accessories
  • Air jacks

Hein-Werner provides a wide variety of the top US made jacks in the market today.

US Jack

This company was founded in 1988 and specializes in manufacturing automotive jacks and accessories. Around 85% of the work done is under contract with the government and a few other companies. These partnering companies are Bae Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Oshkosh, and Snap ON.

This company produces standard jacks as per the federal government acts being the major supplier to the US military. The products are 100 percent US manufactured and assembled with safety assurance.

Types of standard US jacks manufactured are;

  • Standard bottle jacks
  • Hi-Range bottle jacks
  • Low profile Bottle jacks
  • Long ram Jacks
  • Scissor jacks

The company also manufactures other products which are accessories for lifting.


It is important to have a floor jack in your garage or workshop that you can rely on. The best floor jack is of high quality, ensures your safety and lasts long. This said, do not even try to deny it, the USA made jacks are the best in the market today. Name them, the Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack, US JACK D-51127 30TON BOTTLE JACK and 3-1/2 ton Floor Jack – Heavy Duty by ATE pro are a true representation of the US quality.

Why buy American made floor jacks? That is because American brands manufacturers like Milwaukee, Snap ON, US JACK, Costco and Hein-Werner always meet their buyers’ expectations.

We all agree that American made jacks have qualities that you can’t find in jacks from other countries. Important attributes such as safety features, ease of use, portability, minimum and maximum lift are all considered during manufacturing.