What Are The Different Types of Hydraulic Jacks

Frequently heard of the word hydraulic jacks? Hydraulic jacks are devices used to uplift heavy loads by applying force through a hydraulic cylinder. There are two types of hydraulic jacks:trolley hydraulic jacks and bottle hydraulic jacks. Both jacks perform the same function but have a difference in their functioning and making.

Is It Safe to Use a Hydraulic Jack?

Safety is not guaranteed in some things. One, therefore, has to be careful when handling hydraulic jacks. All tools and machines have their improper uses. In addition, most tools work by being complemented with others so as to increase safety and dependability. Hydraulic jacks can’t be said to be safe. The different types of hydraulic jacks have different safety measures. The level of risk one wants to take determines the safety of a person.

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There are different failure modes in the two types of hydraulic jacks; structural failure, slipping, seal, valves, and improper assembly. Moreover, some parts of the jacks are slow, and these could lead to accidents. If the seals or valves leak slow enough that it goes unnoticeable, one might start work, yet the car is lowering itself with each passing minute. You might realize the car is lowering itself the moment you are trapped, and you can’t get yourself underneath the car. If you realized earlier, help could be sought, but if it is too late.

Drivers and mechanics who are ready to undergo these risks would term hydraulic jacks as safe while the latter would consider hydraulic jacks unsafe. The safety of hydraulic jacks is, therefore, subjective. Regarding safety, one should choose a trolley jack or bottle jack and decide the ‘safer’ one. Each tool has its function. Hydraulic jacks should not be used to uplift vehicles if you consider them unsafe. Jack stands are the tolls meant to uplift vehicles. If you consider hydraulic jacks unsafe, you would rather spend the extra time mounting jack stands rather than risking your limbs and other body parts at risk.

Trolley VS Bottle Hydraulic Jack

There are two different types of hydraulic jacks. The hydraulic trolley jacks are considered to be very safe. The wheels of a trolley jack make slight movements to make up for the shift in the car during weight distribution. Bottle jacks are suitable for personal use. They are compact and can easily carry in cars. Trolley jacks are better for professionals and car enthusiasts. Bottle jacks have a coin-shaped lift surface.

Which is Better Trolley Jack or Bottle jack?

Trolley jacks are very common and expensive, but if well-cared for, it can last a very long period. When comparing trolley jack vs. bottle jack, trolley jacks are quicker and easier to use.

Comfort Level: Bottle jacks will not fit under cars that have a low clearance while trolley jacks will comfortably fit.

Base Compression: Trolley jacks are also more stable since they have a longer base and ability to distribute the weight of the lifted object across the base. Trolley jacks have wheels hence moves with the car while bottle jacks have no wheels hence do not move.

The better hydraulic jack, therefore, depends on the needs of a person.

Trolley Hydraulic Jacks

Trolley jacks are said to be safe. Their wheels move very slightly, unlike the scissor jacks or bottle jacks. Their lack of movement is why most accidents happen in a bottle and scissor hydraulic jacks. While using them, chock the wheels on the opposite side and use a jack stand if you want to be safe underneath the car. Different people have different preferences on how they should work on their jacks. Many consider it safer to rest the car on a solid surface instead of using the wheels, which are in the trolley jacks to avoid accidents and injuries.

In-Depth Detail: Types of Trolley Hydraulic Jacks

Following are the five different types of trolley hydraulic jack

The extra low trolley jacks are used for lifting vehicle designs that have a similar design to that of a trolley jack. It is recommended for low chassis vehicles or vehicles with reduced clearance. This type of trolley jack has a foot pedal, which gives room for the user to raise the saddle up to the load.

The high lift trolley jack is a hydraulic lifting jack most used for 4 x 4s cars. It is also suitable for cars or light commercial vehicles which require high ground clearance.

Scissor jacks are made up of a scissor mechanism that works by winding the central bar in and out to either raise or lower a vehicle. The scissor jack can be used to replace damaged jacks since it is a cheap alternative. It is useful for quickly changing wheels and can sometimes come included with a vehicle.

The 3 Ton extra-large trolley jack is a great all-rounder. It is stable and has a load capacity of 3 tons. It boasts of steel forged hardened saddle, which really lasts for long. It is a little bit similar to the high lift trolley jack.

The 5 Ton trolley jack, which is also called the long body trolley jack, has a greater lifting capacity compared to the 3-ton model. It is slightly longer than the 3-ton. However, it has a slightly lower lifting range. It is strong and stable. It will keep your car or 4 x 4 levitated off the ground as you do your repairs.

The 10-ton long body trolley jack can lift a car up to 570mm. It has a maximum capacity of 10 tons. However, there are some vehicles that this trolley jack cannot lift.

Range of Load

Different types of trolley jacks have different load ranges. The 3-ton extra-large trolley jack raises up to 3 tons of weight. The 5 tone trolley jack or long body trolley jack raises a load of up to 5 tons. The 10-ton long body trolley jack raises as much as 10 tons of load. It also increases the weight load to up to 570mm.

The extra low trolley jack is used to lift low vehicles or vehicles which have reduced clearance. The high lift trolley jack is used to lift 4 x 4 cars.

Comparison Chart

Trolley Jacks Bottle Jacks
They are better for professionals and car enthusiasts. They are good for personal use since they are compact and can easily be carried.
Are quicker and easier to use Are not easy to use as trolley jacks
Have wheels Have no wheels
Are more stable Are less stable

Bottle Hydraulic Jacks

A hydraulic bottle jack is a tool that is made up of a hydraulic piston that has the ability to lift heavy objects incredibly. The hydraulic bottle jacks are mostly designed for commercial applications. The commercial applications include fast-acting air pumps, which are engineered to decrease when it is time to lift heavy objects.

Different Types of Bottle Hydraulic Jacks

Torin hydraulic bottle jack is effective since it lifts up to a height of 12. 25 inches. It has a heavy-duty lifting, but it leaks fluid. It has a steel frame, safe ratcheting head, and glides action pressure pump. It slowly gives out when a load is placed on it. It should not be purchased for long term use. The fluid may leak and should not be left outside to avoid rusting.

6-ton pro-lift B-006D hydraulic bottle hydraulic jack is well-constructed and has a built-in bypass system that prevents over-travel. It is about 1o inches tall, has an adjustable extension screw, heat-treated, and manufactured in China. It is designed to meet the ABSI/PALD standards. It is a formidable option if one is looking for a durable, long-lasting hydraulic jack for personal use.

The power built all in one 3-ton bottle jack is reliable and is a decent option whose design combines the jack stand. It is sturdy and long-lasting. It may, at times, leak its hydraulic fluid. It is around a foot tall, which has a safety bar for locking the unit at the necessary height. It has a wide base to keep the load stable. At times as it is being raised, the fluid might spurt from the piston. It can be difficult to lower its back down. It is also bulky.

The ATD tools hydraulic bottle jack has an operating force of 101 lbs. It is of high quality but does not work well in the horizontal position. It is around 6 inches tall, has two and three-piece handle sets, has a patented built-in bypass mechanism, has a screw extension of over 1.5 inches, and a saddle dimension of 2 inches. It is safe and reliable. It is also easy to use.

The Torin hydraulic air jack has a 4-foot horse and is hence of good quality. It is great at lifting loads but noisy as it does so. It is 11 inches tall, is steel constructed and electronically controlled. It has a head screw that turns up over 3 inches and has a maximum lift height of about 20 inches. The air jack is a solid option for efficient hydraulic air jacks. It might stop functioning after limited use.

Range of Load

Most hydraulic bottle jacks lift heavy loads.