Wheel Bearing Noise When Turning Right – What Does It Mean

If you are driving your car and you notice a grinding noise coming from the wheel, then most probably the wheel bearings have gone.

A completely worn-out wheel bearing will make a grinding sound whether you are going straight or turning. However, if you only hear noises when turning, the bearings only require adjustment because if they were bad, they would howl.

Wheel Bearing Noise When Turning Right – What Does It Mean?

A general rule of thumb is that a wheel bearing will always make noise on the opposite side of turning. This is because the weight transfers to that side, putting more load on it. For instance, a worn-out bearing on the left will rumble in a right turn and vice versa.

Your car’s front wheel bearing assembly comprises two bearings: an inner and an outer. In some cases, the inner bearing on the unloaded side makes a sound, but it is not enough to notice inside the car.

Usually, for this question, the textbook answer is howling in right turn is left wheel bearing. But tracking down noises is notoriously tricky. The source could be elsewhere. For instance, braking changes the loading of the bearing, so no surprise it changes the noise.

To check which bearing is bad, you shall wiggle the right and left wheels and see if you can detect play in the bearing. Wiggling would be easier if it is jacked off the ground, but sometimes you can feel it on the ground. A noisy bearing does not necessarily have a lot more play.

How to Replace a Wheel Bearing at Home?

How to replace a wheel bearing at home

Replacing the wheel bearing of your car depends on the car, its model, and year of manufacturing. The latest cars consist of wheel bearing hub assemblies that can be replaced at a cheap cost.

If you are driving a car of an old model, the wheel bearing will probably be part of the steering knuckle. Therefore you will have to take your car to a mechanic for wheel bearing replacement.

Now, for changing the wheel bearing of your car all by yourself, you will be needing some basic tools and a wheel hub assembly. After gathering all the stuff, you will have to follow the below steps to replace a wheel bearing at home.

  • Place wheel chokes on your car’s rear wheels
  • Loose the wheel lug nuts and use a jack stand to lift your car
  • Remove the wheel
  • Unscrew the brake caliper guide pins
  • Remove the brake pads and caliper
  • Hang the brake caliper with the suspension spring using a strap
  • Remove the brake disc and the faulty bearing hub assembly
  • Install the new wheel bearing and other parts

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Keeping your wheel bearings maintained is extremely important. Many people pay less attention to the maintenance of wheel bearings, and it results in serious consequences. To drive safely, it is a must to keep the wheel bearings in good condition.