How to Remove Scratches from a Car Window

How to remove Scratches From Car Window

A scratch on the windshield is what a driver always dreads because it does not remain a scratch; it expands to become crack and ultimately windshield failure. The worst part about windshield scratches is that they don’t just remain a scratch, they begin as one, turn into a crack and end up becoming a significant number on the auto shop bill. Two main types of scratches may occur on your car’s windshield. 

Do you want to learn how to remove scratches from a car window?

But wait – First learn about Scratches. 

Types of Scratches 

You can quickly fix a shallow, superficial scratch with the right tools and technique.

A deep scratch, on the other hand, is a tough buddy. 

How to identify scratch’s type?

I call it the fingernail method. Run it over the scratch, if the scratch snags it, it’s a deep one. Recommend you replace the windshield because these bad boys are not fixable. However, if your nail passes through quickly, it’s a shallow scratch, and you can fix it. Keep reading the article of you find out how.

Why does it happen?

Let’s see why this happens; you can only solve a problem when you know what’s causing No Suggestions Available most common reason your car’s windshield becomes all scratchy is the dust and small rock that tend to accumulate in the seals of the glass.

Suppose you live in a windy place where dust storms are daily news. If you do not give your car water-wash now and again, this could be the real problem for you. 

You might often hear squeaking sound while rolling the windows up and down because dust and tiny rocks rub against the glass window. For windshields, vipers do it causing even bigger and often deeper scratches.

Also, tinting the windshield is quite common, especially if you’re from Arizona. It gets pretty sunny there. If you remove the tinting carelessly, it can also lead to scratches.

Let me guess! What do you think?

Can you remove scratches from car windows?

There are multiple ways to remove windshield scratches. You can use different techniques and equipment to deal with different types and sizes of scratches. 

Following methods can help you remove scratches from car window glass:

Minor & Deep Scratches Remove Method

If you are wondering how to remove minor & deep scratches from car window glass, the other way to remove scratches of a glass window is the buffing method which is usually used for cars. 

This method requires technique and skill more than just equipment. It is quite useful. There are two buffering methods; each gives different results depending on your vehicle’s window type and operation quality.

Method # 1

If you wonder how do I remove deep scratches from my car window, this one is for you.

Before starting, wear some goggles and a mask to prevent the plastic dust from getting into you. Keep all the equipment that you’ll be needing close. It makes the whole process way smoother. Let’s begin.

List of thing required

  1. Microfiber Towels See Price
  2. Clay Lube See Price
  3. Backing Pad See Price
  4. Cutting Polish See Price
  5. Polishing Pad See Price
  6. Microfiber Applicators See Price
  7. Buffer Polisher See Price
  8. JetSeal Paint Protectant See Price
Buffer Polisher

Use microfiber towels to remove dust and spray clay lube evenly all over the scratched-up glass. Now take a piece of the clay bar and start rubbing it over the scratches. Try going in different directions. It does fill up the indents in the scratches to create a more even and smoother surface.

You’ll notice the clay did nothing for the scratches and still looks pretty worn out. That’s okay; it’s all the part of the process. 

Next up, it’s time to put the cutting polish on and start buffing. Take around three dollops on a 5.5″ buffer and apply little spots all over the glass. The 5.5″ puff goes perfectly with a 5″ backing plate. Once you spread the polish evenly start buffing on low speed first and increase it up to 6 as you go. 

Here you want to take time and get each of the scratches until its gone. Make sure not to apply unnecessary pressure. Let the buffer do the job.

Repeat this process if you feel you get all the scratches in the first or second go but don’t overdo it; you’ll know when to stop. 

Buffing out scratched
Buffing out scratched

It’s time to finish up. Once all the scratches are gone, please take a good quality microfiber towel pad and apply some sealant on it (go with the three dollop rule). Rub it on thoroughly. It will seem all greasy at first, but it’ll clear out and give you a smooth and shiny, scratch 0-free car window again within a couple of minutes.

The second method is for the fellas who are not in the mood to buy all the first scenario stuff. 

Although you probably won’t have it lying around, this method has a very small thing-you-need-list and takes less time. Let’s get started.

Method # 2

Ever noticed how to remove scratches from the car window screen? 

This method will ideally work for you.

Grab the things that you need for this tutorial.

  1. Buffer polisher See Price
  2. Backup Pad See Price
  3. Rubbing Compound See Price
  4. Foam Compounding Pad See Price
  5. Lotion Hand Cleaner See Price

Get your gloves and goggles on before you begin because you’ll be handling some chemicals. Please take a good quality rubbing compound and mix it up with hand soap, yes you read it right. Get a hand soap with Pumice in it Pumice is mildly abrasive, and you know what that means for scratches.

Here is the mixing Ratio 25% Rubbing Compund to 75% Pumice Soap

Prepare a concoction and make sure it is well-mixed how its time gets your hands dirty. Rub that concoction directly on to the scratch and some on the buffer and start buffing the scratch. Use an 8″ foam it works the best with a 7″ backing plate. Using a sturdy polisher is better than a power drill, but if you don’t have one latter work well.

There is no speed limit for this method, so I suggest you start slow because that’s always a good idea and then increase the speed and your work your way into it. Thirst times the charm, as they say so it should go away after 3rd go, but if not you may go one more time.

Avoid applying too much pressure, and try to do it as smoothly as possible. 

After getting rid of the scratch, clean the surface with microfiber towels et voila! 

After Apply Above Steps

But wait – there’s more.

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Let’s talk about some Myths.

Can toothpaste remove scratches from car windows?

Most of us don’t have unique scratch removal products lying around, which is why people often turn towards toothpaste.

You can’t and must not use toothpaste to remove scratches from a car side window, windshield or any glass surface for that matter. It’s nothing but a myth.

I have tested toothpaste on my truck’s windshield, which was pretty messed with all the scratches and swirls. Even after rubbing and buffing a fair amount of toothpaste for over 30minuites, it did make a difference.

All the talk about fluoride(in the toothpaste) being abrasive and helping with scratches is fake news, so please do not ruin your glass window even more than they already are with toothpaste.

Hence, there is no effective or practical toothpaste method used to remove scratches from car window glass. 

Using random products for car detailing is not very safe as it may end up harming and messing up the car’s body, making it worse even more so than before.

Toothpaste is a no go not only because it doesn’t work but also because it may permanently ruin the clarity of the glass.

Now that you know what to do, let’s talk about what not to do. 

There are certainly other methods that people use for getting rid of scratches like nail paint. Many people prefer using low-quality nail polish because it wastes some branded one on a scratch.

That’s not a good idea. Using only nail polish to fix scratches on glass is not a good idea, to begin with, let alone using a low-quality one. Nah! Please don’t do that unless you will buff it out afterwards and use rubbing and polishing compounds for a smoother and shinier look. 

See how it is just another extra step in the process, a messier one too?

Another misconception that can waste your time is wd40 can remove scratches. No, it most certainly does not. Wd40 is a lubricant and would do nothing but lubricate your scratched up glass window. 

There are some DIY baking-soda-vinegar mixture methods too. Yes! They might work but on minor scratches like the ones on might eyeglasses, but it won’t help with the widow scratches. It is because the type of glass is what determines the kind of scratches.