The Ultimate Guide to Portable Car Jack

Guide to Portable Car Jack
If you own a vehicle, you may need to do some of the repairs yourself, and this calls for raising and lowering a car. To lift a car, you need a solid jack. Most people have basic knowledge of a jack. However, it is important to know more about the jack you are using and some of the accessories you should have to ensure safety and to perform the repairs with ease.

There are different types of jacks that you can buy. One thing you should bear in mind, regardless of the jack you purchase, it should only be used to raise the car.

What is a Portable Car Jack?

A portable car jack is a device that can be placed underneath a vehicle and be manipulated so that it raises and lowers the vehicle a few feet or inches off the ground. Car jacks are mostly used for repairs such as tire change. Portable car jacks are jacks that can easily fit in the trunk of your car.

Working Model of Portable Car Jack

A portable car jack system functions either through mechanical or hydraulic power. Mechanical jacks are quite smaller and easier to store and carry around. However, they can only lift a limited weight and require elbow grease from time to time. They are powered by a leadscrew. Hydraulic models, on the other hand, are heavier and much bigger because they use hydraulics principle in their operation. These jacks are easier to use and their lifting capacity is much higher compared to mechanical jacks. The operating principle of a portable car jack system differs depending on the jack type.

Different Types of Portable Car Jacks for sale

Portable car jacks are classified according to their mechanism of operation and the weight they can support.
a. Floor Jack
It is the most popular type of portable car jack. A floor jack can go as low as the floor of the car. Normally, it has four wheels and a carrying handle for moving it around. This feature makes it easy to handle. Portable floor jack has a disc-like part which comes in contact with the vehicle, and lift it gradually as the jack is pumped. In most floor jacks, the handle acts as the pump.
Portable floor jacks have a versatile operation and low design. It is the most flexible type of portable jack. Its flexibility allows the jack to be used for various purposes. The standards of a floor jack has it that the jack should be turned clockwise before operating with it. Once turned, use the handle to pump and elevate the saddle. To lower the portable floor jack, turn the handle anti-clockwise to open the jack’s valve and release all accumulated pressure.
b. Scissor Jack
This is a common jack as is one of the common accessories that come with a new car. Scissor car jack is designed to maintain a static position. It is characterized by a scissor-like compression and its vertical leverage. No other type of jack has the same mechanism as a scissor car jack, so there is no confusion about it. A portable scissor car jack is quite practical because of its compressible nature and portable size.  The scissor shape allows the jack to lower itself to the smallest point in your trunk, making it easy to carry around and handle.
A scissor car jack features a long screw that is turned with a handle to lift the car. A portable car jack lift uses the screw mechanism to lift the car. According to the standards, once the jack is placed below the area you want to lift, you should turn the screws clockwise to elevate. To lower the vehicle, turn the screws counter-clockwise. The handle may be different, but the operation is the same.
c. Hydraulic bottle jack
A portable car jack hydraulic system has a cylindrical shape. It looks like a small bottle or jug, and it has a port for a handle. This jacks utilizes the power of hydraulics to lift the vehicle. Its mechanism is based on Pascal’s principle. If a large and a small cylinder are connected by a fluid that is incompressible, and a certain amount of pressure applied to one of the cylinders, the same amount of pressure is imparted to the second cylinder. However, since the pressure is equivalent to force per unit area, the larger cylinder will experience a larger force. Portable hydraulic car jacks depend on Pascal’s principle to lift heavy vehicles. They have a pump plunger that moves oil through two cylinders.
A portable car jack hydraulic is not for usual repairs. It is used to lift heavy vehicles. Hydraulic bottle jack required a solid and level surface. Therefore, it is not a jack that can be used for roadside repairs.  Its design offers great capacity for lifting overly heavy vehicles. It lacks the versatility and portability of other types of portable car jacks.
Bottle jacks have an advantage since it occupies less space, thus easy to carry in your truck.
d. Hi-lift jack
If you have ever driven behind a jeep, you have probably seen this type of a jack. It has a plate to be placed in the ground and it is about 3 to 5 feet tall. These jacks are mostly used when your vehicle is stuck off the road because they have the ability to raise the vehicle higher than most jacks. In addition, hi-jacks can act as a winch to pull your car out of the mud. However, they are quite large and heavy to carry around. Hi-lift jack can support a weight of up to 7,000 lbs.
Most off-road drivers pack a shovel and a hi-lift jack before their adventures. You can get these two at less than $100. A hi-lift jack can get you out of the stickiest situation. Manufactured with steel and cast components, hi-lift jack is durable. The portable car jack lift is available in different lengths. The most sturdy and durable hi-lift jack is the 48” jack. It is capable of lifting a jeep or a truck.
The simple operation of hi-lift jack makes it so valuable. With it, you will never complain of hydraulic failure or cranking. You need to plant the jack beneath the vehicle and place the base on a secure anchor point, then start cranking with the long round lever.
e. Transmission Jacks
This category of jacks is quite odd. All other jacks discussed above were designed for raising the car from the base of the car. However, the transmission jack is designed to install or remove a transmission. Whether you offer professional vehicle repair services or you have a passion for vehicles, a transmission jack will make your life easier as it is suitable for working on various types of transmissions.
When using a transmission jack, first raise the transmission of the vehicle about 60 inches from the ground. Place the transmission jack below the transmission. The center of gravity of the vehicle is supposed to be in the center of your transmission jack. A transmission jack has two levers that are used to raise and lower the transmission.
(f) Electric car jack
A portable car jack electric eliminates the physical strain associated with other manual jacks. If it’s time to invest in a new jack model, the electric jack is the way to go. Whether you are pursuing a mechanic career or you are a weekend wrencher, owning an electric car jack means that you will spend more time tooling and repairing your vehicle and not cranking a manual car jack.
The main reason for buying an electric jack is to remove physical labor. Electric jacks are easy to use as they require a handful of steps to set up. You should not worry about the power consumption or the source of power since most of the jacks can be powered directly from your car by a 12-volt cable. A cable of 10 feet is enough. Like any other jack, you should consider the weight of your car before buying an electric car jack.

The Material Used for Portable Car Jacks for Sale

Most jacks are manufactured with heavy-duty steel material. According to AISI’s (American Iron and Steel Institute) classification system for steel and iron alloys, it was determined that the best material for constructing a portable car jack is the AISI 4340 engineering steel. However, a high strength steel alloy of Nickel-Chromium Molybdenum may also be used for practice purposes. Jacks made of Aluminum can support less weight as compared to steel jacks.
Jacks with more metallic components last longer than those with plastic components. Metallic jacks can lift up your vehicle from the ground with ease. It will feel robust and very sturdy.

Benefits of Using Portable Car Jacks for sale

Portable car jacks are the best choice for automotive repairs, changing tires, rotors, and oil. You should choose a jack that can support your vehicle. Portable car jacks are available in various styles and sizes. They are safe to use and capable of lifting most cars. Anyone can use a portable car jack as it easy to use. A portable car jack lift has wheels to move them around.

Portable Car Jack Accessories

There are accessories for portable car jacks that enhance their functionality.
a. Car stands
Floor jacks would perform better with a car stand. It is not advisable to go under a car that is only supported by a floor jack, especially if the car will need to be supported for long. Jack stands are important to perform intensive maintenance tasks. You use the jack to lift the vehicle and then you use the car stands to support the car. Some car stands can be adjusted with a pin, but most are static.
Jack stands come in pairs. It is recommended you use one jack stand for each wheel that is not touching the ground. Since most of the stands are adjustable, you can use the jack to raise the car and set the stands for the height that you want and then lower the car to the level of the stands.
There are two main types of jack stands, the single plate foot and the four-footed stand. The single plate stand has a design similar to the bottle jack. It is an ideal choice if you are taking the stands with you. The four-foot models are more sturdy
since they have a wider base.
There are jack stand models that lock the height with a pin.
b. Roller seats
When working under a vehicle, you will need a roller seat. A roller seat is basically a plank or a seat with wheels or castors on it. With it. You can slide underneath a vehicle with ease. A roller seat is helpful if you get tired when performing repairs under the vehicle.
c. Jack chocks
When using a portable car jack, it is important to chock the wheels of your car. Jack chocks are important as they prevent the vehicle from rolling when it is raised.

Where to Buy and Sell Portable Car Jack

When it comes to buying a portable car jack, it is advisable to buy from some of the renowned companies such as Amazon and Walmart. Portable car jacks Walmart are of high quality and you can be assured of getting any type of portable jack at this store.
Here is the List of Few Best Portable Car Jack


When it comes to buying a portable car jack, there are several things that you should consider. First, consider the type of vehicle you want to lift. Different cars require different jacks. For instance, a bottle jack is ideal for a lifted truck but unsuitable for lower vehicles. The other thing you should consider is the weight of the car. Bigger and heavier vehicles would require a 4-ton jack.
You do not need to go to the gym to raise your car. All you need is a portable car jack. A jack comes in handy when you are repairing or maintaining your vehicle. In fact, most cars come with a scissor car jack to help you change tires. However, a scissor car jack is only effective for small repairs.