Can I add Roof Rails to My Car?

Seeing a pair of rails on the roofs of SUVs and mini-vans is a common sight. However, a lot of people lack complete awareness of their utility.

They are joined to the vehicle’s roof by feet or different mounts. This property recognizes roof rails from other connection gadgets like tracks, typically constructed straightforwardly into the vehicle’s top.

Roof rails are installed along the length of the car’s roof. Their purpose is to connect crossbars and different gadgets to ensure burdens carried on the car’s top.

Here is some Useful Information

Vehicles are outfitted with roof rails to streamline the connection of different sorts of roof racks and conveying frameworks. Roof rails are not themselves a roof giving framework.

Roof rails instead give a steady mount to append other burdens conveying things similar to crossbars or pinnacles that can be utilized to obtain different commitments.

There are two types of rails; inverted c-shaped and flush-mounted. Each serves a different purpose to match your needs perfectly.

Can I add Roof Rails to My Car?

Many people fail to install roof rails on their cars and end up assuming the rails are not be installed on their vehicles.

Yes, you can put roof rails on your car. All you need is the right technique, correct installation procedure, and the suitable type of rails.

Before getting a pair for your car, make sure to know the difference between rails and a roof rack. Sometimes your car is meant for a roof rack, but you end up purchasing a pair of roof rails. Therefore, research is essential.

Here are some key points that’ll help you decide what’s better for your car:

  • Examine the top of your car’s roof to look for pre-installed raised rails. Vehicles like hatchbacks and SUVs have raised rails even if a roof rack kit isn’t there.
    Therefore, if your car has one, installing a roof rack would be a piece of cake. You will not need any extra mounting equipment so the process would be more comfortable and quicker.
  • Some vehicles come with mounting hardware hidden in the roof’s framework covered in small protective casings.
    If you can find this hidden hardware, use them in the mounting process. These save you from spending extra on buying the mounting pieces and will be a far better fit.
    The best thing about this mounting hardware is that you can use it to install all kinds of roof racks and rails because of its versatile structure.
  • A bare roof can be quite a hurdle in the rack installation process. In such a case, get your drill out; it will help you install the rack/rails on the top of your car.

What are Roof Rails used for?

Let’s find out, What are Roof Rails for?

When it comes to roof rails and racks, many people consider it for luggage cargo or only for the aesthetics as it makes it look sporty and gives height to the car.

However, there is so much more to them. Its type determines the purpose of the rails; either it is aesthetic or functional.

Let’s talk about the mainstream function, i.e. luggage cargo. Many cars come with already mounted rails that can be used for cargo purposes, but here is the thing; you will need to install crossbars, wings, etc. to support the luggage.

Another utility of a car roof rail is that it contributes to the roof’s structural strength and provides support. With the aesthetics of a sporty car, you also get durability which is a pretty good deal.

Best Universal Car Roof Rails

If you are in search of universal roof rails for your car or SUV, these rails will be quite handy for you:

Perrycraft Roof Rails

These universal roof rack side rails are made in the USA, guaranteeing sturdiness only to spend once.

These universal roof rack rails are super affordable and work for almost any car model.

So want to know, where to buy universal roof rail?

Simply go to the amazon and buy it right now, See the latest price here.

Honda Odyssey Roof Rails

Genuine Honda roof rack rails having a load capacity of 165lbs, high quality, and durable. See the latest price here.

Can I Install Roof Rails myself?

If you are looking for car roof rail installation near yourself, then stop searching as you can do it yourself. Allow me to say Yes! You can install car roof rails regardless of your car’s model.

Note: This process is only for the cars having no mounting points for raised rails.

The process is easy and quick, and anybody can do it. Let’s start

Begin by marking the drilling points of the roof rails on the car’s roof. I recommend using a spring-loaded punch for drilling bits; it ensures the dilled bits’ stability.

After drilling holes, you need to take measures to avoid the hole from rusting; use automotive paint and cover the hole completely. Ensure that not to miss any points otherwise rusting may affect the car’s frame and the rails.

Use plus or flare nut, use a riveting tool with nut setting system. This tool will help you mount the nuts better and quicker.

Even if you are working with something else that involves mounting nuts, a riveting tool will make your job a thousand times easier.

Drilling holes often lead to water leakage and other similar problems. To ensure the hole is completely shut and sealed, apply a silicone sealant to each nut before installing it.

Silicone sealants are not only more effective but also last long. Other hardware required for installing rails, always opt for a stainless steel one, so it lasts longer and offers robust performance.

Products You May Need

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Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant

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